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Telegram channels: why are they useful?

If you are lovers of the chats, you surely already downloaded from your app store Telegram as an alternative of WhatsApp. But why is this instant messaging app different? And why are the Telegram channels useful? Let’s discover it.

History of Telegram

Telegram was born in the 2013 in Russia. The idea was the one to create a service of instant messaging that allowed the users to freely use it to send messages that couldn’t be read by others.

Infact, the messages sent are saved on the cloud of Telegram and not inside a local cloud on the device. In this way it allows a better safety, because the backup that it’s automatically created on the platform is encrypted and saved on the cloud Telegram which is encrypted too without have to use other clouds like the one of Google.

This function allows even to save time during the backup, the uploads and the downloads on the device that uses Telegram. But there is even something more: since the 2019 it was introduced a new function that allows to eliminate the messages sent and received without limits of time and without leave a sign for both the members of the chat.

Telegram Channels

They were born in the 2015, the Telegram channels are chats where the administrator of the channel can send messages and contents. If it is linked with a group, the members of the channels can comment the topics.

The beauty and the utility of these Telegram channels is that we can find many free contents to download. We are talking about books, music, slides and so on.

canali telegram
The Telegram channels are a very useful instrument to share and download contents.

A channel can have an unlimited number of members and it can be public or private. The difference? To the pubblic channel it’s possible to add a link and an username, which can be searchable from the research function of the app itself. The private channel instead is created with a link made of 22 casual alphanumeric characters.

Even on the channels, as well as in the chats, it is possible to modify and to delete the messages sent and received and it’s possible to add users and administrators in any moment.

Which Telegram channels should we download?

Now you might wonder which Telegram channels are the best ones to download to use the free contents of which we were talking before.

There aren’t some of them special, but it is hard to choose because there are new channels every day for everything.

What you can do is to use the research ban on the left-top of the main page of the app. There you can add your topic and find out which are the most loved channels in that moment and what they propose.

telegram channels how to use them
It is hard to choose the Telegram channels to downlaod. scaricare. It will be enough to go on the research bar to find per trovare quello che vi serve.

Once found the channel let’s press on “Join channel” and you will be part of this community. This means that every time that it will arrive a notification or a new content you will be allerted with a message.

Obviusly you can even silent the channel as well as for the chat that you don’t want to ready constantelly, but the most interesting thing is that once you will be part of one of the Telegram channel, you will be able to check the previous conversations and download the contents which are weeks or months old.

Telegram channels: contents’ paradise or piracy?

The question is lawful. Is it legal to anonymously share free contents? Someone said that the Telegram channels are the new paradise of the pirate contents. Other that it is a great way to share informations, notes, books or movies.

There is one thing sure, with the slow and constant decline of Torrent and of the other platform where illegally download movies and music, Telegram is currently the only place in the web where you can find everything to watch or to read without have to pay the licence.

The legal aspect about the privacy and the lack of advertising to use a content makes Telegram a powerful way to share 2.0 which is often in contrast with the law about the author rights. How will it go? We will find out.

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