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The best horror videogames ever

The horror genre is without any doubt on of the most appreciated in the videogames’ world and, as the years went by, there were many titles that literally terrified the users.
Let’s see in particular which are the best horror videogames ever and which are the reasons that made them famous.


videogiochi horror

Let’s start to list the best horror videogames ever with a recent title. Outlast, infact, is a game from the 2013 made by the developed company Red Barrels, founded by people which worked with titles like Uncharted and Prince of Persia.
Especially let’s speak about the thing that it is a psychological horror able to impress and make quake with fear at every step. The environment is a mental hospital where we should survive through thousand adversities.

We will wear the vests of a journalist equipped only with a camera. The highligh of this title is the fact that we can run, hide, observe and light up but is impossible to defend ourselves. A real nightmare!

The Thing

videogiochi horror

Let’s do a jump back in the time to analyse another title considered one of the best horror ever. The Thing is a game from the 2002 come out on PlayStation 2.
The game is inspired by a film and it allows us to make a team by recruiting three different classes, between doctors, engineers and soldiers.

The only problem is that everyone could become The Thing in every moment and put in danger the life of the whole team. We will need so to constantly keep an eye to the team with an unpleasant mood.

Resident Evil 7

videogiochi horror

It is been remembered in history as the first horror videogame to have the possiblity to be enjoyed on PlayStation VR, the last chapter of the zombie saga most famous in the world, absolutily deserves to be included in this league.
Especially this title is the point of start for a new trilogy and is very far away from the previous ones.

The whole game takes place inside a house with out of line characters, splatter scenes at the limit and an increasing terror at every step. A game that is really worth to enjoy by using, if we have the possibility, even the virtual reality’s system.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

videogiochi horror

Another game a little be old but that has without any doubt a lot to offer. We are talking about Amensia: The Dark Discent a game from the 2010. The thing that made this title one of the best horror videogames ever is the game’s mechanical and its characteristics.
The story is well made and the atmospheres are made in the way that the player is constantly in a psychologic terror mode.

Besides this we have to talk about the impossibility to combat limited by the simple throwing of objects to slow down the creepy monsters that haunt us, this gives something more to the game and allows to fully enjoy this title.

Silent Hill

videogiochi horror

Another title that the horror genre lovers couldn’t lost. Silent Hill tells the story of James, that, while looking for his wife, come back to the town of Silent Hill, which, though, is inexorably changed.
Even though the graphic of this title, a little bit old, the attention for the details appears incredible with iconical monsters and a story that will literally leave us out of breath.

It must be absolutly tried.

Dead Space

videogiochi horror

Finally, between the best horror videogames ever we can’t forget about Dead Space which represents a must in this sector. This title, infact, joins horror, science fiction and well done characters for an incredible result.
The environments are bleaks and the monsters really strong and hard to combat.

A strong horror about all the points of view that let spoke about itself from the beginning.

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