Netflix in Italy won’t have any more the free month


Everyone know the platform of Digital sharing and Video on Demand Netflix, founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph.

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It became famous for its low cost services and the many video contents products, Netflix decided to change one of its main rules, which is the one about the trial free month, taking it out at least in Italy.

But before to explain the reasons of this act, we must tell the story of the company.

Netflix: the beginning

Netflix was born the 29th of August of the 1997 in Scotts Valley, appearing like one of the many companies which deals with the leasing of DVDs and Videogames.

The headquarter of Netflix
The headquarter of Netflix

What Reed Hastings did to make it different than the others were that the users could book the dvds via internet, by receiving them straight at home through the post service, by making this service extremelly fast and competitive, especially for real bigs like Blockbuster.


The Streaming breakthrough

In the 2008, the american company was able to do a big step forward, by developing a system of streaming online on demand, which were available through a subscription, which soon became its main activity, outclassing the DVDs’ leasing one (activity which was finally stopped in the 2011), that was at that time obsolete.

This exponentially increased the upcomings of the company owned by Hastings and Randolph, by allowing them to create the project that made them famous in every corner of the planet, which is the most used and known streaming’s platform of the world, available everywhere except for the China.

The platform

In the 2013, Netflix entered in the sector of the production, by creating real original contents, this allowed it to become one of the most feared rivals of Sky and Amazon Video.

The platform became famous not only for its great prices and the variety of services that it gives (7,99 euros for the base with one device; 10,99 euros for the standard HD on two devices; 13,99 euros for the ultra HD on four devices), but even for the huge number of tv series and movies.

Furthermore Netflix was such sure about its potentialities that gave to its users a free month where trying everything without limits.

Between the series producted by Netflix we can find real champions of incomes like for example:

  • House of Cards : the incredible serie by Kevin Spacey dedicated to the american policy.
  • Altered Carbon: which is focused on the romances of Richard K. Morgan, in this serie we see a world where the richest don’t know the death and the transhumanist technology became a cornerstone of a lewd and corrupted society.
  • Black Mirror: a serie made by self finished episodes which are all about technology and human nature.
Il celebre Logo
The famous Logo

The success

Netflix reached its top in the 2016, when, according to the main search engines, it reached those numbers:

  • SUBSCRIPTORS NUMBER: 93,8 millions (with 19,0 millions of new activations against the 17,4 millions of the 2015).
  • INCOMES: 8.3 billions (+35% per year) and a profit of 188 millions (+54%).

Recentelly Netflix signed an agreement with the digital platform Oculus Quest to transmit some of their programs through the system VR (Virtual Reality).

Reed Hastings e Marc Rand
Reed Hastings and Marc Rand

The topic of the “free month”

Starting from the last April, Netflix decided to change its action line. For every new user in Italy which would like to use the free month, the digital platform will show this messsage

Currenly the free trial isn’t available on your country. To start the subscription, let’s go on, chose a plan and a payment type, put your email address, set a password and start to see everything you like

According to many, which are maybe in bad faith, this happend due to the fact that many people try the free month and than change the email address so to have another free month, but this happen basically in every country. So, which will be the answer to this question?

The answer

The company of Hastings explained as soon as possible everything, giving a clear vision of the one that in reality was a statistical survey. In an online announcement, the american company said:

We are testing the availability and the length of a free trial to better understand what the users think about Netflix. Those tests usually change about the lenght terms and the countries, and it’s not sure that they will become permanent.

Netflix is a company that always experiments new solutions and new system to innovate itself and to surprise its customers, so the topic “they want to take away our free month” doesn’t exist.

We will see what will happen in the next future.

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