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The new streaming platforms: Disney+ and Apple TV+


Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Infinity, Now TV, Google Play Store, iTunes Video, Chili TV, TIMvision, Mubi, Paramount Channel, RaiPlay are the platforms currenlty available for few years now on the web. The streaming movies’ marketplace is always growing. For this reason, to join the already large group, there will be Disney+ and Apple Tv+. Let’s see in detail how these new streaming platforms will be.

The new streaming platforms announced for november

Those two new platforms aren’t available yet, however they already caused the resignation of the CEO of Walt Disney, Robert Iger, because he’s even part of the cda of Apple, for a possible conflict of interest. The resignation took place right after that the two companies announced the launch of their new services of video streaming. Both the streaming platforms, therefore, will be available the next november.


The challenge of Disney is the one to pass from being the giant of the TV entertainment to be a leader of the streaming. To the Disney group, today, belong the movies and the TV series Disney, the cartoons of the Walt Disney Animation Studios, the productions Pixar, the movies Marvel and the saga of Star Wars and Indiana Jones. To them we have to add the productions of 21st Century Fox, the movies Fox Searchlight and Blue Sky, but even the tv channels like National Geographic and the sport ones like Espn. A gret treasure so.

streaming platforms
The page realized by Disney Italia for the future streaming platform

The streaming platform will be really similar to many others like Netflix: with a month of initial trial and a simple and intuitive interface, divided into many sections. The release will be for the 12nd of november 2019 in the United States Uniti, in Canada and in Holland. While the 19th november it will debut in Australia and New Zeland. To know when it will arrive even in Italy it’s too soon, the arrival in Europe is anyway predicted for the beginning of the 2020 between january and february. Even if the official announcement of its arrival in Italy wasn’t made, Disney Italia already made the page from which it’s possible to subscribe to receive upgrades.

Disney already informed about the prices, at least the american ones: 6,99$ per month to have 4 devices connected simulateneously, by registering up to 10 of them. The profiles that we can create will be even 7, there will be 4K Ultra HD, the HDR10, the Dolby Vision, and the Dolby Atmos. It will be then possible to do an annual subscription from 69,99$, by spending only 5,83$ per month. A great saving about the possibility of sharing of the subscription, especially if we do the annual.

Apple Tv+

The launch of the Apple’s streaming platform instead it will be in 100 countries simultaneously, included Italy, the 1° of november. The trial period in this case it will only 7 days, but afterwards we will pay only 4,99$ (so probably around 4,99 euros here), the subscription will be therefore shareable with up to 6 users, really attractive and competitive prices, in this case, for the Cupertino’s company.

streaming platforms
The page dedicated to the future streaming platform Apple

Ready for the launch even some series original Apple. Like See (of which there is already the trailer available) which tells about a world where the human beings lost the ability to see, everyone unless two twins incredibly miracle. Or The Morning Show with Reese Whiterspoon and Jennifer Aniston, and so on Dickinson that will talk about the life of the famous writer Emily Dickinson and so on. The productions will be released periodically in the weeks after the launch.

The Apple platform will be available from the Apple devices, but we will be able to access even through the browser via web. Thanks to an agreement with Samsung it will then possible to have the access to the platform even on the smart TV Samsung, but in a second moment we will have the possibile to enter even from other devices like Amazon Fire TV, Lg or Sony.

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