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YouTube: Premium and Music are coming


Like all of us know YouTube is a platform constantly evolving that never stops to propose news to its users. After the important changes made not long time ago the “restricting mode” now, the biggest communication video channel in the world, is back in the spotlight.
This time the news are called Premium and Music and they will allow to offer contents completly new (or almost) to the users.

Let’s see what are we talking about.


YouTube Premium, like the name suggests, will be a payment’s service that will allow to offer some kinds of contents. Substantially the new mode is going to replace YouTube RED with more or less the same characteristics.
Specifically we are talking about a subscription service that allows to see videos and contents without any kind of advertising. In this way the user has the possiblity to avoid every kind of spots (both the prevideo ones and the ones during the video). 

The substantial difference between RED and the new Premium is that the new service will be available even in countries where until now it wasn’t present. We are talking for example about Austria, Canada, Germany, France, Finland, Denmark, Russia, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, UK and… Italy!
Finally, infact, the service will be available even in our country even if we don’t know yet further details.
In the United States actualy the service’s cost is $11,99 monthly and it allows to see even movies and tv series besides to many other contents to download.
We hope that soon we will have further news about the service’s cost even in Italy and about its functioning.


The other important news is YouTube Music a kind of service that is focused to catch up Spotify and Apple Music. We are talking about a musical streaming’s service that will allow to listen music straigth on our own device.
Specifically there will be available new upgrades about the aesthetics aspect with a new musical player and a dedicated app easy and intuitive to use. 

The functions, like we said will be the classic of a music reader which will allow to listen our preferred songs without interruptions with the payment of a monthly subscription.
According to some market investigations the prices will be in line with the marketplace. In the USA for example, where the platform already landed the 22th of May, the price for the Premium subscription is been fixed to $9,99 and it allows to listen music without advertising and inerruptions and to download it on our own device and then listen it in local.
A complete service at an affordable price.

The YouTube’s future

Knowing the new Youtube’s upgrades it is worth to ask which way is taken by the platform and what will be the future implications. And about this we have to say that the introduction of payment’s services was, already for a while, an hyphotesis predictable because was the only way to increase the platform’s potentialities.
Anyway we will need to really see how much, a service like Music, can really represent a valid competitor for platforms already famous in this sector (like Spotify and Apple Music mentioned before).

In every case the Youtube’s potentialities are really importants and the annual numbers are the evidence of a catchment area very large and loyal that during the years saw a constant increasing. According with this informations we can think that those service will have a positive feedback even if we hope that the platform will not spend too much time with the basic characteristics that made it so popular during the years.

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