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Technology and distraction: how one of them influence the other one

tecnologia e distrazione

In the 4.0 age technology and distraction have, unfortunatelly, a ever more stronger relation with results not always positive.
The attention’s level, infact, drastically decreased during the last years and it brings to an ever more low tolerance about everything that pass determined timing.
Let’s better see what it is and how to do to be more attentive.

Excessive stimuli

The thing that technology and distraction are ever more connected isn’t a coincidence and it is without any doubt a result caused by the direction that “our world” generally is taking.
The first element that surely has a substantial importance is the excessive of stimuli to which every day we are subject.
Our days infact are riddled with continuos breaks caused by messages, mails, notifications, calls, etc. All of this produce an excessive quantity of informations for our brain which isn’t always able to keep up. tecnologia e distrazione
With the socials’ advent, then, the situation became ever more critical. We just have, infact, to scroll down our Facebook’s homepage to see hundreds and hundreds of different contents for which our brain has to do a massive job.

Between news, videos, pictures, recipes, fashion, articles and so on stay focused become a real difficult duty not always possible. This create during the last years a focus’ limit really low that brings us to rule out in a record time every kind of content that isn’t able to catch our attention in the first seconds of viewing.

The cause isn’t outside

By the way, even though we said that we are more distracted “because of” the excessive stimuli, the cause of all of this process isn’t to search exclusively outside but it is essential to make a personal job on ourselves.
The heart of the problem, and the thing that makes the technolgy and the distraction so close, is that we are slave of the connection. We feel the need to be always available, to compulsively check what happens in the world and to verify the arrive of an email/notification. tecnologia e distrazione

The thing is that none says that we must be constantly connected and there isn’t any imperative to check the emails every 5 minutes, but we on going to do it.
The reality is that there isn’t anything that preclude us to do it even if, unfortunatelly, we excesivelly feel out of the world and of its schemes if we avoid it.
Obviusly this brings us to be constantly distracted and with the head somewhere else. It’s been estimated, infact, that in media a person spends around 5 hours cumulative per days in front of the socials… it isn’t a short time.

How to be more focused

Anyway even though the technology and the distraction like we saw are strongly interconnected, we can correct all of this. Specifically there are some methods that can help in primis to avoid the distractions and secondly to be more productive.
The first thing to do is the one to keep far away from us all the devices when we work or we do important activities. In this way we’ll limit without any doubt the distractions that can born by the fact to have smartphones and tablets always within reach.

Another thing that can help is the one to impose ourselves precise timelines when check emails, notifications and so on. This kind of timelines are obviusly to establish according to our job and our times and it can be for example ones per day, two, three, every hour, every two hours, and so on.
In this way we won’t feel compulsive need to open our mail but we will have well set out deadlines.
Finally, it results very important to find our own rhythm in the things that we do. In this way the brain will have the possibility to analize and store a big number of informations, thing that will be without any doubt good even on our results.

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