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Is the e-commerce on Tiktok really possible?

The e-commerce on tiktok?

This is one of the most used app of recent times, especially for the target of the really young. It recently made talk about itself about the development and the commercialisation of the new smartphone which has pre installed the chinese version of the app. Now instead the rumors talk about a possible e-commerce on Tiktok.

The app is such strong that, at least in Italy, even the politicians try to use it with the hope to conquer more audience, we are obviusly talking about Matteo Salvini and of his arriving on Tiktok which made talk a lot about it. The power of this quest’app is right the one of the big numbers: it has a billion of active users in 150 countries and it is translated in 75 languages. Instagram, by feeling clearly threatened, is working on a special instrument of editing called Reels. It seems that this tool is able to realize short videos really similar to the ones made by Tiktok.

Will the e-commerce really arrive on Tiktok?

The socials always try to integrate sale functions on their platforms, Facebook did it, Instagram is trying to do it too. Now even the famous app of short clips where we dance, sing or play over the famous videos, is opening the doors to the sale on its platform.

e-commerce on tiktok
The app of the socials like Tiktok are always searching for new functions

The company infact claimed to allowed some users to add external links (like Instagram infact it’s really hard to “go out” from the platform through external links). Specifically now the selected users can add links to every kind of external web sites, even e-commerce, on the biography of their own profile. But the most interesting new is the possibility to add the link even straight on the shared posts. It’s a really interesting new because it isn’t available on Instagram, if in the stories of the most followed users.

The company then said that these new functions are anyway part of the normal experimentation to improve the experience of the app for the users. The spokeswoman of ByteDance didn’t say anything about the reason of the new feature, but anyway she said something about a big changing on going.

We always experiment new way to improve the experience offered by the app to our users. Recentelly we focused on how to inspire the creativity, give joy and adding value to our community.

Said that though tiktok opens the doors to a new way to manage the profiles and especially to the potentialities of the application. The definition to which can be placed it is the one of the social commerce, that describe the possibility to promote and to sell products and services on the platform social.

Who will be able to use the new function

The new was revelead by a user. Fabian Bern, founder of the chinese startup Uplab, in a tweet he said how for the first time it was possible to add a web site from third parties.

e-commerce on tiktok
The active users on Tiktok are a billion all over the world

As well as it happens to many users Instagram that can’t access to all the possible functions, even this new possibilties of Tiktok isn’t available for everyone, because it is in a test phase.

The patient so even in this case is essential. While waiting for some news from the most used app of the moment about the possibility to expande our own horizons even to possible e-commerces, it’s challenging ever more another top app, Instagram.

A fight to the last user between music, videos and posts. Even because, if it won’t really be the possibility to manage an e-commerce on Tiktok, the possibility to use external links will increase anyway its range, by promoting our own activities and creativity.

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