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TikTok, cold war between China and USA

Many of the social platforms are directly or undirectly, under the control of the USA.

The funny videos of TikTok won’t surely let us imagine that behind this social platform there is an international conspiracy

Which is the apple of discord between China and USA and why should we know it because users


If you are users youselves or that you just heard to talk about it, probably all of you know TikTok. The social platform is infact very popular, especially between the youngest ones, moved from Facebook and Instagram.

During the period of lockdown the usage of TikTok really exploded. Today the platform counts, only in Italy, 4 million of users that shares videos and informations.

The Holy grail of datas

If you thought that share videos was a funny and harmless activitiy maybe you must re-think about it. The datas that you communicate at the moment of the registration, but even during the choose of your likings and during the usage, are recorded for advertising purpose.

This though happens with all the social media that we use: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and so on. So why is TikTok a pain in the neck for the USA?

Very short story of 20 years of Social Media

After the invention of the blog, was born the necessity to easily share our thoughts and the events of our life.  

For this reason, starting from the 2000s MySpace and LinkedIn started to take hold, followed in the 2005 by YouTube. In the 2006 did their big entrance Facebook and Twitter followed by Tumblr, Spotify and Pinterest.

Until a few ago so everything was great, because all these platforms, directly or undirectly, were under the control of the USA.


TikTok upsets the geopolitical borders of the social media

With the arrival of TikTok though, owned by china, the geopolitical borders of the social media have been redrawn. 

The USA saw taken away from them a huge slice of users, that moved towards TikTok from their most popular platforms (Facebook and Instagram). 

Consequentially the USA not only lost the possibility to check the datas of the users, but they even live with the ancestral fear that the datas of the american users can be communicated to the chinese government.

Suspicious of chinese conspiracy

Something that you didn’t know is that TikTok is an application specifically studied for the western marketplace. In China the application has another name: Douyin. 

According to the chinese government, this structure was thought to protect the usage of it by the western audience. The datas about the users in the USA, in Europe and in India, infact, are stored on servers outside the chinese territory.

On a post of the 2019 on the blog, TikTok said that all the datas of the american users were recorded in the United States with a backup in Singapore, so their are officially subject to the chinese law. 

The ban of TikTok and the rescue of Microsoft

Between know and don’t know, Trump anyway forbidden the usage of TikTok for the militar staff and he would like to completely ban it from the USA.

The many fans of TikTok though are defending it and Ms Pappas, leader of TikTok USA, recentelly claimed her wish to remain active in the territory for a long time. 

Between the many possibility of the USA for the “rescue” of TikTok there should be even the possible purchase of it by the american giant Microsoft.

Meanwhile Instagram launched Reels, its own platform to share videos, very similar to TikTok.

Instagram launched Reels, its own platform to share videos, very similar to TikTok.
Instagram launched Reels, its own platform to share videos, very similar to TikTok.

The war for the (digital) demain of the audience of TikTok doesn’t seem to be finished yet. 

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