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The smartphone by TikTok: Janguo Pro 3

The smartphone of Tiktok

The app Tiktok is moving ever more in the really young world in the global marketplace. For this reason ByteDance, in China, thought to realize a smartphone of Tiktok. At the moment it isn’t available somewhere else, but it does not mean that sooner or later even here.

Tiktok the app of the moment

We know that the youth when a social is invaded by the adults, emigrate on other platforms, it was like that for Facebook that after being populated by over forthy, it’s been adandoned by the young ones that passed first on Instagram and then on Snapchat. Now it’s the moment of Tiktok, the social network of the generation Z. It’s chinese and it is populated mostly by young adults and guys less than 25 years old. Here we don’t need any word, the body language and the face expressions ruled it all.

smartphone of tiktok
The photographic compartment of the new Janguo Pro 3, the smartphone of Tiktok

An infinite flow of short videos, on Tiktok we dance, we imitate singers and actors, everything without saying a word. The clips took from the movies or the music videos last 15 seconds, the possibilities of choice are incredible thanks to the huge library of the app. The video then can be further enriched with filters, emojis, stikers and special effects. The particularity of this social is that it doesn’t need friend, or people to follow, once landed on this platform we are straight in the flow of the videos.

The power of Ticktok is given by the numbers: 750 million of downloads only in the last year. The italian pioneer Elisa Maino, has now 4 million of fans, not only on Tiktok, but even on other socials like Youtube and Facebook. Elisa is 15 years old and she already wrote a book, due of the huge success made so quick, it’s called #Ops and it talks even about her debut on Tiktok ex Musical.ly. The most famous tiktokers are all under twenty, which are able though to collect million of followers. Even in Italy the app is now an event, infact, the Tiktok phenomenon seems to reach about 2,4 million of users.

The smartphone of Tiktok

The app is trying to increase its market even thanks to a smartphone. ByteDace infact launched on the chinese marketplace the first smartphone by Tiktok, or better Douyin, the chinese version of the app. Janguo Pro 3, of the producer Smartisan, is sold at about 370 dollars for the basic version (with 8 gb of ram and 128 of fixed memory) while the higher version costs about 410 dollars. In both of them is installed the chinese version of Tiktok.

smartphone of tiktok
Janguo Pro 3 is available for the chinese marketplace in the colours green, black and white

The processor is a Snapdragon 855 Plus and a battery of 4000 mAh. It is available with 8 or 12 GB of Ram and an internal memory of 128 or 256 GB. The photographic compartment, as it was predictable, is considerable. It has infact four sensors, one with 48 MegaPixel, which uses the pixel binning to put together four pixels, so to have more brightness and detail. Then there is a wide large lens (13 MP), a tele lens (8 MP) and a macro sensor (5 MP). While the camera for the selfies (and for the video of Tiktok) has 20 Megapixel. Therefore one special algorythm created by ByteDance, corrects the tipical distortions of the ultra-wide sensors.

The screen is an AMOLED of 6,39 inches full HD+ with integrated fingerprint reader, the case remembers the old iPhone SE and it is available in the colours black, green and white, the phone though doesn’t have any logo or dedicated buttons, it isn’t so branded.

A real top of the line so for the smartphone of Tiktok, unfortunatelly at the moment it’s thought and sold only in the chinese marketplace.

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