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TikTok: 3 minutes videos


It was maybe the first app where it possible to share video shoot with musics, filters and coloured gifs. Instagram then decided to copy tje idea, but its reels aren’t perfect as the micro videos of TikTok are. Starting from today it’s possible to do even long videos up to 3 minutes, for an increased funny experience. 

What is it and how was TikTok born

At the beginning there was Musical.ly, which is an app of video sharing available both for IOS and for Android, that allowed to share short videos. Then with the time TikTok arrived, it is in the middle between a simple video sharing and a real social network.

It was born in China from the mind of Zhang Yiming and besides to the publishing of videos, it allows the users to build up a following and to interact with other tiktokers, becoming a real source of income.

It allows to create customized videos even to users which aren’t registered to the platform yet. A strategic move for the access and to involve new users.

TikTok: the app of the future

Number one it’s simple and intuitive. Therefore, between its strongsuit there is even the fact that we aren’t forced to follow other users to surf.

tiktok permette di interagire tra utenti
TikTok allows to interact with the other users, that we often don’t follow. It is easy to use and very funny.

It’s equipped with  a software able to catalogue the likings of the user and to propose the contents. The interactions infact aren’t limited to comments and likes, but they allow to answer even through the creation of further videos.

But there is something more. TikTok is the app of the future because it is a channel that allow to reach a young audience and to cover it at 360°.

The video experience increase the time

The platform of byte dance started to test the videos of 3 minutes. For now only few users can access to the test, but it seems that the many like the idea.

Compared with the current time, these videos of 3 minutes are 3 times longer. The chosen users, many of which are experts of social or influencer, had to upgrade the app to access to this new mode. This will encourage even other users to upgrade it, which is then the main purpose of the developers.

According to how the tests will go on the big profiles, TikTok will decide how and when make available for all the users this function. A choice that will represent a radical changing for the platform that has the characteristic of having short contents. 

We can say that it is a further slap in the face of the other platforms that compete with the chinese brand, by bringing TikTok to become even a possible competitor of YouTube.

Why did TikTok choose the 3 minutes?

The lasts of 3 minutes will bring to a slowing of the frenetic sequence of contents in the section For You. It is the page where there are collected the most liked videos by the users. A real strongsuit of this app.

tiktok e la bacheca per te
TikTok wins on the other platforms not only because it is intuititve, but even because thanks to its function For You it connects the users that don’t know each other but that can then realize videos together with the function Duetto.

The section of the For You allows to keep the users stuck on the screen, so, to avoid that the longest video drop down the attention of the users, the developers already thought to a new section dedicated only to the long videos. We can say that in this case TikTok copies Instagram for one time, where the longest videos are collected in the section Igtv, while the shoot ones are in the section reels.

Seeing is believing

Basically, before that TikTok will make this function of the long videos available for all, if you didn’t do it yet we suggest to try to interact with this platform.

For many it’s even a great hobby when we are closed at home for the bad weather or worst for the lock down. Infact, right in these periods of lockdown, the app registered the entrance of new users that started to interact between them with the function Duetto, that it’s available only on TikTok.

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