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Tooso and the ecommerce revolution

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Everything starts with the meeting of three guys of the Philosophy department of the San Raffaele, where they met. After that they lost touch and everyone took his own way: Ciro Greco studied neuroscience, Mattia Pavoni worked in the e-commerce and Jacopo Tagliabue is specialised in informatic. When they met again years after Tooso was born by the fusion of their skills.

The Tooso's team
The team of Tooso: Jacopo Tagliabue, Ciro Greco and Mattia Pavoni

In the 2017 the three guys were able to collect 110 thousand dollars of funds for thier idea, by receiving then a ticket to fly to San Francisco. Infact the Alchemist Accellerator, one of the best american startup‘s incubator, selected their project.


The idea was born by the wish to follow a freer research. By making experiments with the website RottenTomatoes they created an algorithm so advanced that it was able to give satisfying results for a query like “The worst movie of Woody Allen” or “The last movie of Mel Gibson”. After that they specialized themselves in the research for the e-commerces.

Infact the main problem of many e-commerces is right the research; unless Amazon, which part of its success is due even to the precision of its research’s results. The idea of the three guys wanted to be right an answer to this problem, by creating a package ready for the usage to instal on his own e-commerce. Especially for those companies that aren’t enough big to realize one of them by themselves but they would like to improve the standard researches on their own website.

The genius idea of the three guys was the one to integrate the artificial intelligence, the collected datas and a software able to use the syntactic-semantics structure of the language. This software can so understand what we are looking for like a real shop assistant.

The Tooso platform
The platform Tooso where it is possible to try the software and download a demo

The research engine of Tooso analyses and plays the question by optimazing the result; therefore it is even able to learn (like all the best artificial intelligences). Infact with time it is able to give us the most appropriate products according with the previous researches. The software is thought to be easily installed on every website of shops and franchises.

In San Francisco

Once arrived in San Francisco between the first customers there was Df Sport Specialist. And right after Lui Jo and Leory Merlin Italia. Big customers that promised to the startup to present itself like a stable reality in the Silicon Valley.

«Even though we were still so small, 6 people in total, we had incomes and especially customers. We were much more matured than what we appeared and we had already produced a lot of technology», tells Ciro Greco.

l'azienda Coevo
The company Coevo multinational in the sector of the research’s systems

Many are interested to buy Tooso. The three guys, after a careful evaluation, choose Coveo a canadian multinational leader in the sector of the research’s systems. They were able anyway to keep joint the team and to coordinate the implementation of the system. Now (thanks to the takeover) they can have much more resources, that they weren’t able to have alone, and to benefit of a big commercial structure.

New York

Ciro, Mattia and Jacopo are now waiting for the green card to start a new project. Infact during those years Tooso grown up, even the platform was fully redrawn by adding new functions. Then other customers arrived like MaxiSport, Canali and Thun and other already working with Coveo.

The new project provides a new movement, they will have to fly on the other american coast, the offices are going to arrive in New York. Who knows what will be those new projects, maybe to coming back to develop a research’s system for other websites like the one of RottenTomatoes.

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