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How to open a startup? Principal steps


One of the most used word in the last years is startup. There are many professional and not that in same way they use this name to indicate their own company.
Infact, startup means the initial phase of an activity or a company that propose something totally inovative. The structure of this company is realised to allow it to proportional and potentially infinite grow up.

But how to open a startup? Let’s see together the most important steps.

Have a valid idea

To fully understand how to open a startup in the right way, the first step is to make sure that our own idea is valid. Today, infact, in the new economy age, there are many ideas that daily going around in the web and not only there.
Anyway, often, not even half of them are valid and, most of the time, are condemned to be forgotten in a short time.

For this reason, so to avoid this kind of situations is good to carefully analyse his own idea so to understand if, actually, it’s worth or not. Usually to have success an idea needs to bring something inovative with products/services to whom:

  • None thought before: In this case we could became absolute leader in the sector.
  • Something that already exist but improved: We can open an activity even proposing something that already exist doing, though, attention to improve all the aspects of this product/service in efficent way.

Bureaucratic aspects and registration

Indentified the idea that will be the base of our startup we have to start the bureaucratic and legislative phase. Infact, when we are talking about startup, we are talking about a real company which have to be registred in the right way in the Business Registers.
This kind of registration give many advantages that can be reported in aspects like Guarantee central fund to obtain the guarantee from the State in case of the request of a loan and even advantages about bureaucratic and fiscal aspects.

Therefore we have to say that this kind of registration is very easy and quick with not very long times of wait.

How to finance ourselves?

Established the idea and registred his own company, to better understand how to open a startup it is essential understand how his own project will be financed. Of course to give life to an idea it is essential that we have solid funds.
Fortunately, now there are different methods to finance ourselves and here there are the most used and that one that guarantee the better results:

  • Bootstrapping: This kind of solution is designeted to who already have sufficent funds to start the activity and it is hazardaous, because, if the company will not give the hoped results, we will have an important loss of money.
  • Business Angels: Probably one of the most “noble” way of financing. It consist in business and management figures that, enthusiasts and fascinated by an idea, decided to invest funds, resourches and skills, to see the developing of a project. 
  • Crowdfunding: Another great way to have funds. It’s been started a season that allows everyone to make a “donation” for the developement of a project. The crowdfunding represent even a great marketing’s test to evaluate if the project can be great or not.
  • Venture Capitalist: Finally, this method is reserved to who are available to give a portion of his company in exchange of funds. Between the positive aspects of those business men there is the thing that they have higher funds compared to the others (for example the Business Angels).

Team and project

After fixed the bureaucratic aspects and found the funds is now arrived the moment to create his own development’s team. It is very important in this phase to evaluate many characteristics so to choose the better people.
Especially, added to the technical skills it is important that his own team is tight-knit and that have the same targets of the founder, that carry on them with the same enthusiasm.

Done that there is only to roll up our sleevs. Let’s work!

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