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Overture: the future of the aviation


Who was looking to the sky, with admiration and enthusiasm, already before the twenty-first century, would remember the Concorde. It was a supersonic airplane for the passengers transport, which was able to fly from Europe to America in less than four hours. By the way its operativity, started in the 1976, ended in the 2003, due to many problems between which a serious accident happened in the 2000. But many years passed since when the Concorde sailed the skies all over the world and it’s arrived the time to try to newly travel with a supersonic airplane. It’s the Overture, the project of Boom Supersonic, which wants to revolutionize the future of the aviation.

Boom Supersonic, the startup that wants to revolutionize the aviation

Boom Supersonic is a startup located in Colorado that wants to revolutionize the air travels for the passengers transport. This in the name not only of speed and efficiency, but even in the respect for the environment.

Even if they, inevitably, took inspiration by the old Concorde, the idea of Boom Supersonic is the one to pass and improve it, under the point of view of the experience, the speed and the efficiency.

Meanwhile in the startup they are ending the testing phase and the first airplane could be presented until the end of this year and to fly already, for the testing flight, the next year. By the way the first prototype of Boom Supersonic won’t be the Overture, but a “younger brother”, friendly called Baby Boom. It will be just a two seater, a scale model of the future airplane for the passengers transport, that will allow to finish the evaluations.

Baby Boom and Overture

For the Overture there will be to wait at least up to the 2025. Meanwhile Black Scholl, CEO of Boom Supersonic, already announced the future supersonic airplane to the Paris Air Show of june: “We will transform the travel experience. We now have the technologies to make possible the air flights to high speed sustainably: our teams worked no stop”.

Overture, the airplane of the future

Overture will be able to fly from London to New York in three hours and a quarter, but will it be able to solve all the problems that retired its predecessor?

The vehicle will be 52 meters long, with a wingspan of 18 meters. It will host from 55 to 75 passengers and it will fly to a speed of Mach 2.2, which is more than two times the sound speed, 2700 km/h.

Overture, the supersonic airplane

Boom Supersonic declared that the usage of Overture in the passengers transport, won’t only substantially reduce the distances, by reaching remote places in a really short time, but it will substantially reduce the current levels of pollution generated right by the air flights.

Overture would be, infact, able to convert the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere in liquid which will be used as fuel, by letting drop its own C02 emissions almost close to the zero.

The comfort of the passengers

One of the biggest defects of the old Concorde was the discomfort. Even though it was able to cover huge distances in short times the passengers were forced into a cabin just one meter and eighty tall and narrow spaces. By the way the experience was worth, the pilots announced the passage of the sound wall, even the passengers felt just a change of acceleration. The problems about it there were on the ground, for this reason many countries banned the passage of the supersonic airplane.

But the biggest feeling, due to the high altitude, it was to see the curvature of the Earth. The sun radiations were double of the ones found at a normal flight altitude, but the reduced times, at the end of the travel, made possible that the radiations quantity was the same.

Everything that amazed the passengers will be in the Overture too, but this time during its realization they will think a little bit more about the comfort.

Every seat will have its own window, from which we could see the amazing panorama to an altitude of 18 km. There will be so, only two long rows with a seat each. The baggage racks will be really small, so the space will be much more large. The hand luggages will be placed, instead, under the seats.

The flight experience with Overture

On the official website there are already the prospects of same of the ones that could become the main ways. From New York to London we need now 7 hours, but with Overture it will be possible to cover the distance in three hours and a quarter. The distance from Sydney to Los Angeles, which is now 15 hours it will be available in 6:45. While Tokyo – San Francisco will pass from the current 11 hours to 5:30.

The world was never so small and amazing.

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