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Airbus2: launch planned for july

There we go. It’s arriving Airbus2, the airplane of the future which is able to cut down the fuel emissions of the 20%. Let’s discover Maveric together.

Airbus2, even called Maveric

Marveric is a prototype with 3,2 meters of wingspan. The famous european giant of the skies, Airbus, developed it in a secret location in France and during the last Airshow in Singapore it revealed the design shaped like a manta.

The idea of this Airbus2 came out from the pen of the designers of the company isn’t completely new. In the ’40s, infact, the idea of an airplane at zero emissions already found a space in the military field.

airbus2 l'aereo del futuro
Here you have the idea of Maveric, the Airbus2 airplane of the future, introduced during the Airshow in Singapore the last june of 2019.

Now the topic is hot, especially after the so called “shame of fly” inspired by Greta Thunberg. The air companies are trying to recover appeal green in the consumers.

The Airbus expectations is that this new shape will give ean essential support to the next family of medium-range airplanes, which is waiting for the ’30s.

The purpose of Airbus2

The purpose of the french-german colossus of the aviation world is the one to focus everything in the planning of three models of this Airbus2. A line of airplanes of the future, supplied with hydrogen, completely without Co2 emissions.

A revolutionary project that might become reality until the 2035 and that will help the environment.

The pollution caused by the air transport has a high quote about the Co2 released in the air. Airbus2 is interposed in this reality by proposing three models of airplanes completely eco, that allow us to fly, even on the long distances, by protecting the environment.

The three models of Airbus2

The three aircrafts was called ZEROe and – like we said – it collects with itself the brave dream to re-write the future of the skies.

The concept finds expression not only in the internal structure and in the engine at hydrogen, but even in the shape and in the structure of the vehicles themselves. Shape that might change from now to the release.

For now it was planned a first trail launch for the next july of 2021. The prototype is a model turbofan, which is able to host 120-200 passengers.

In the future it will be able to fly even on intercontinental routes, with an autonomy of up to 2000 miles (about 3704 km). It has an engine of gas turbine, changed to work with hydrogen unlike than at jet fuel. The liquid hydrogen will be stored and shared through the tanks placed behind a pressurized aft bulkhead.

The special characteristics of it are its long wings and their unique shape, that induce less resistence with the air.

The last june the first flight of the Blended-wing body

Besides the already mentioned model, Airbus2 will even has a turboprop model, able to host up to 100 passengers with an autonomy of 1000 miles. This model has a propulsive system supplied by a turbo-gas cycle at hydrogen like the other models, but it’s perfect for the medium-short range travels.

airbus2 presentation
Airbus2 is a line of 3 airplanes of the future that will help the environment.

Marveric Blended-wing body is the prototype launched the last june 2019. It is an airplane that stands out for its bold shape, which wings and airframe melt together. This aspect allows the lowering of the pressure of the wind through the aspiration of the limit layer.

It can carry up to 200 passengers and it has an autonomy of 2000 miles. Its interesting profile conquered the Airshow in Singapore even because it encourage the easy and varied placement of the tanks and of the pressurized components.

Maveric will change the way to fly

Thanks to its structure with airframe integrated in the wing and the versatile cab, Maveric will change the way to fly and it will make even more pleasant the experience of flight of the passengers.

We are in front of the airplanes of the future that will finally look even to the ecologic aspect. For now the launches did and planned let us hope, but we have to wait to travel with an Airbus2.

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