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Spoiler alert, app let’s help me

Spoiler Alert

Between the many fears of the web and of the iperconnected world, where the news run at the light speed, the phobia that is going through the nightmares of all of us is the one of the spoilers.

We had a demonstration of it right in the last month, between the end of Game of Thrones and the last chapter of Avengers, the anti spoiler panicked. There was who implored his own friends on the socials to not spoiler and who, as a precaution, gave up with the smartphone until the fateful hour when he had to go to the cinema or to see the last episode. The end of two of the big cults of the last decade were anxiously awaited to the cry of no spoiler!

However the spoiler is always lying in wait, we flip through the homepages of the social network and accidentally we see something that we didn’t want to see and here you have ruined years of friendship.

Anyway, we never have to look for something about the movie or the episode that we are waiting for on google, because since the first typing the spoiler is there, waiting for us.

The only solution it seems to be the one to retire as a hermit in a world lack of contacts and technologies, or find a refuge in a safe place where it’s right the technology to help us. To avoid this irrepressible contamination of spoilers some apps start to work, they have the duty to block every spoiler waiting for us on our devices.


Unspoiler is an extension for Chrome which can be easily findable on the Chrome Web Store. The functioning is easy: once installed the extension, Unspoiler would like to know which tv serie we would like to not spoiler. It seems it works really well with the main social network, from Facebook to Twitter, but even with the main search engine Google.

Estensione di Chrome - Unspoiler
Extension of Chrome – Unspoiler

If this plug-in will releave a probable spoiler a banner will appear on it with a message like: “Unspoiler Warning! This may be a spoiler for Game of Thrones”.

Unspoiler isn’t the only plug in that we can find on Chrome Web Store. There are many even specific for the most popular tv series of the moment, like: “GameofSpoils: Game of Thrones Spoiler Blocker”.

Spoiler Protection 2.0

Always on the Chrome Web Store we find Spoiler Protection 2.0, really similar to Unspoiler. This extension works both on Chrome and Firefox, and even on Mobile, with Firefox for Android.

Together with the three already listed on the Chrome Web Store we find Spoiler Shield, Spoiler Alert, Spoiled, etc.

Spoilers Blocker

Let’s talk about the mobile devices, our main source of informations, and about the applications dedicated to them. Spoiler Blocker is an app for Android, that, like the others, has the duty to block all the spoilers. Like always, once downloaded, we can put the tv serie or the tv series that we don’t want to spoiler, but not only. The application will ask the agreements to access to the notifications and to our safety measures to use it, like the fingerprints. Finally, unlike the others, we can choose the colour that we prefer for the warning banner.

Spoiler Blocker
Spoiler Blocker

About it, while for the other applications, like Unspoiler, we could go sneaking under the banner, at our own peril to find a spoiler, Spoiler Blocker stops all of our devious curiosities. As long as the app is activated, infact, it won’t allow us going to sneak under the banner and it will give us, so, the time to placate our curiosity and to redeem us about what we were going to do.

Spoiler Block

The last app, finally, works both on Android and iOS and it blocks every spoiler from the social network Twitter. In this case it will ask us to write some keywords to block, obviusly they can be the title of the tv serie. Once followed all the instructions and blocked the flow of spoilers we could safety flip through the homepage twitter without dangers.

Obviusly all the applications and the plug-in are a great help, but be careful… better safe than sorry!

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