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Amazon Kindle: why using it

Amazon Kindle

Nowadays the reading seems to be strongly decreasing instead of few years ago. The main causes were attributed to the technology’s advent which, in a short time, literally pushed away many people from the charmed books’ world. But is there a way to connect those two worlds? Amazon Kindle does this. Let’s see how.

Our own “digital book”

The technology’s arrival signed a deep changing even in the books and reading’s world. The e-books were one of the biggest news and they revolutionaized the concept of book.
TheAmazon Kindle is nothing more than a “e-book’s reader” that allows to download, open and read our own digital books.
Its interface is incredible optimazed and it allows to have a complete control of our own books’ collection. Amazon Kindle

It exists, infact, a real library inside which collect our own books and read them whenever we want. Between the many functions of this usefull instrument there is the counter, which obviusly indicates how many pages we already red and how many are still missing, the bookmark, which allows us to put the sign to the page when we stop the reading or even the possibilty to put notes and highlight like we are reading a real printed paper book.
We are talking so about an instrument really usefull that has many advantages.

But which is so the difference between it and a tablet?

The question that spontaneously arise arrived at this point is which differences there are between an Amazon Kindle and a common tablet.
The differences are many and they have a specific attention about the skills that facilitate the reading.
Firstly we have to say that the ebook reader uses a technolgy called e-ink which has the purpose to faithfully reproduce the ink’s aspect. In this way it is possible to reflect the light like on a paper’s page, unlike the traditional screens which use backlit screens.
This, therefore, avoids problems about full-lenght angles, really common in every classic screen, and it doesn’t tire the eyes. Amazon Kindle

Besides this the Amazon’s Kindle has even many other advantages. One of them is the weight. We need infact to considerate that the weight of those devices is around 170 grams while the one of a traditional tablet can reach even 600 grams.
Another advantage for the Kindle is the energy saving. Those devices infact are realised to consumpt battery only when we flip the pages so to read for a longer time.
So, how it is easy to understand, those e-books reader are realized and focused on the optimization of the reading at 360 degrees and they have characteristics that help in this way.

And the Kindle Cloud?

Talking about the Amazon Kindle we can’t not to speak about the free service that Amazon gives to their users. If we don’t want to buy a physical Kindle infact it is possible to use our own PC downloading a free app.
We are talking about the Kindle Cloud Reader which, like the name suggests, allows to read our own books using a Cloud system.
Obviusly we won’t have all the advantages listed before (e-ink, 170 grams etc.) but we will be able to read books from our own computer.Amazon Kindle

The service, therefore, gives the possibility to literally download our own books so to be able to read them even in the offline mode. Obviusly there is a limit of the simultanously downloadable books and, after a certain period of inactivity, the Kindle automatically deleat them from the offline function.

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