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The kids’ life during the technology’s age

Now the moment to enter in the technology’s age is so lower that we aren’t surprised if a kid learn first to keep in his hands a smartphone than to walk. Now we born in a world where staying away from the technology it’s impossible, we just have to teach our child to live together with it in the right way.

For the first two years for life no technologyTecnologia

The first twoyears of life for a kid are the most important ones, not only to learn the language and to improve the movements, but he start to develop social interactions that will shape his behavior for all the life. It is for this reason that it’s better to keep the kids away from the technology for this period. Already from the 18 months, though, it’s possible to initiate them into the technology’s world, there are many, infact, educational apps for the little ones, but without exagerate, a couple of hours per day are enough. The tablet shouldn’t be a wall for the real world, but a valid teacher of life. We have to encourage the social interactions with others, especially with the own age ones, leaving them to become dirty and skin their knees, and only after they knew the real world, they can take some rest in front of a display, small or large.

Pros and cons

An earlier and excessive use of the technology for the little ones can have many risks, like the psychological isolation, the creation of a parallel world, the distortion of the reality, but even physical problems, like a view decrease, less physical activity, weakening of the spine, because of a wrong posture, without even calculate on it the economic part. Therefore, not less important of the others, it isn’t to understimate the possible technology’s addiction for the kids. Instead, even if often tablets and smartphones are demonized, they have even many positive aspects, if we use them in the right time and without exagerate. It’s, infact, indisputable that the little ones are smarter than the last generations, the technology’s usage, infact, allows them to develop cognitive uncommon skills. Knowing how to manage a tablet or a smartphone allow them to be able to better manage the informations in their brain. The globalisation that we have with the technological interation, therefore, gives to the kids something that the last generations not always could discover, the knowledge of the world, of the other cultures and of the other languages, knocking down the borders and getting closer to the consciousness that we are only one race into one unique world.

The didactic technology

It’s incredible to think that only a couple of decades ago there wasn’t even a computer in the school. Today the computer science is one of the main subjects, already in the primary school, learning so to discover it and to manage it, not only between the school’s walls, but even at home. The didactic books and others are slowly passing from the paper ones to the digital ones, and, even if the beauty of flipping the pages of a book is incomparable, this bring many advantages, like that we don’t have to carry on our shoulders the “weight of culture” anymore and to always have many books within our reach, without calculate, therefore, the huge favor that we are doing to the world, decreasing the deforestation. Even the augmented reality will soon be an useful didactic instrument, already some universities are using it to reproduce human bodies a life-size in which its students can interact. Therefore, with the entrance of the technology in the schools even the parents are more involved in the scholastic iter of their sons, because if until few years ago we had to wait months to speak with a teacher, today a click is enough to have all the informations.

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