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Foldable devices: all the news

The 2019 entered in the history of the technology as the year where the smartphones fans saw to change the way to use these devices. It was the year of the debut of the foldable devices, that promised to revolutionaze the sector. Entered in the 2021 we can say that the mission was done.

Foldable devices, how did they born

First of all there were Samsung and Huawei, that opened the way to these new tech products. The other producers then followed their steps and proposed their ideas, all different.

Today the list of the foldable devices that can be bought is long so today we will see the many proposals of the web and we will see which are the best ones at the moment.

Foldable smartphones, which are expensive

We didn’t say a thing. These foldable devices at the moment are still very expensive. Talking about smartphones the best two on the marketplace at the moment are the Motorola Moto RAZR 5G and the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, which cost respectively 1378€ and 1299€.

The first one doesn’t have a year yet, because it was launched the last february of the 2020, but at the moment it is one of the best ones that can be bought. Finally after a long time Motorola comes back to be competitive on the marketplace of the smartphones and it proposes a trendy and functional product.

foldable devices motorola razr
The Motorola Razr 5G is the news of the 2020 between the foldable devices and it’s currently the best selling.

The Motorola Razr 5G is part of the foldable devices clamshell that joins the need to have a classic smartphone with the one to let it becomes pocket sizes, to both enter inside the bag or in the smallest pocket of your pants.

It’s made with high quality materials, like the profile in aluminium or the back in glass. The zip instead was realized with steel. When it’s opened it has a thickness of 7,9 mm and it is thin and light. Well, it’s a researced product detailed that especially the women love.

The only flaw maybe are the physical buttons that were insert in the cutting profile and that result a little bit small when the smartphone is opened. Maybe this is one of the reason for which it’s been loved more by women than men.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Let’s now talk about the model Samsung of the foldable devices, which is already making the difference on the marketplace of the last generation smartphones.

foldable devices galaxy z flip
The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is a great alternative if you would like to try a foldable device

First of all it is at the moment the cheapest one on the marketplace (if we can say cheap) and it is one of the most ergonomic between the ones with foldable screen. It has soft shapes on a lucid metal profile, while the two halves, perfectly symmetrical, are in glass, which is curved on the edges too.

It is innovative even for who the zip was thought, it is stronger, allowing us to block it in every position. Even though it it doesn’t have yet the guarantee of water and dust proof, but this doesn’t mean that it isn’t easy to use and ergonomic.

Foldable devices in the tablets world

We talked about smartphones, now let’s talk about the tablets world. Even here the technology is making giant steps and even if the foldable devices besides to be expensive are still unknown by the big audience, at the moment on the marketplace there are some models to suggest.

The first one to present a tablet with foldable screen it was Lenovo, that with its ThinkPad X1 Fold surprised all. It is a device with foldable OLED screen of 13,3 inches and a resolution of 2048×1536 pixel.

foldable devices lenovo
Between the tablets the first one with foldable screen was the Lenovo ThinkPad X1

It’s based on Windows 10 Pro, even if they are already thinking about a version based on Windows 10X, which is the OS of Microsoft planned right for the foldable devices.

Once opened it shows a keyboard in the lower part of the screen, which allows to fold the screen in a corner to use it as a laptop. But that’s not the only way to write on this tablet: infact, it is even equipped with a bluetooth keyboard that can be magnetically hooked in the lower half of the screen.

On both sides it has 2 USB-C doors to connect it with an external monitor or to memory expansions and flash drives for the sharing of the files.

The current version costs more than 2000 euros and it has a battery life of about 11 hours. Currently, besides its cost, it is the only foldable tablet that worths to be mentioned for functions and performances.

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