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Electric cars Volvo, an ambitious project

Until the 2025 Volvo will become fully electric

Volvo has a specific target for the 2025: only give electrified models, half of the cars will be fully electric, the remaining ones will be hybrid. The swedish brand, owned though by the chinese Zhejiang Geely Holding, wants to put in field only ecologic cars. Not only old models with new hybrid or electric engines, but there will even be electric Volvo cars never seen before. To complete these ecologic revolution the businessman announces, then a new style aimed for his cars, which will be extended to the whole selection already in production.

The new Volvo electric cars

The first model produced will be the XC40 P8 AWD Recharge, the first model Volvo fully electric, a compact Suv with an autonomy of 400 km and a power of 400 cv, which has a multimedia system managed by Android.

Another new entry will be then the sportive crossover C40 which will replace the V40. It is available with about 8.000 copies, it will have fully ecologic motors: from the Mild Hybrid to the Recharge Plug-In Hybrid, until to arrive to the Recharge 100% electric.

Volvo electric cars
The first electric car in production this year will be the XC40: the renewed design, it is totally electric

But the new Volvo electric cars will let all the brand enter in a new phase. The XC100, enemy of the Audi Q8 and of the Bmw X7, but even of the Mercedes GLS, will be available in two different configurations. The first one has six seats, the second one has seven seats, this to allow to even enlarge the customers of the brand and to reach so large families.

It is still to confirme instead the arrival of the citycar. Around we saw many images where it is possible to clearly understand the project. But Volvo in this case didn’t say anything. The new model might be the C30, a citycar with battery propulsion, which is perfect for the city usage. The style will be a little bit vintage and it will remember the mini or the new fiat 500, infact it will be equipped only with 3 doors.

The renewal of the whole line

But like we said the whole line will have a renewal, by adapting itself, with the time, to the ambitious project to make all the car models electric.

The sedan S60, for example, will change the engine into a Mild Hybrid, and in a couple of years, even the design will have a restyling. Same story for the family variety, the station wagon V60. For this model, as well as for the sedan S90, they already revealed some changes. There will be introduced some light hybrid engines on all the motors besides than a redesign even of the style.

Volvo electric cars
The citycar C30, with three doors, which is perfect for the city, it is still only a project though Volvo didn’t say anything about it

Since the end of the 2021 to the beginning of the 2022 we will be able to see a new version of the XC60 and of the XC40: both of them will have a new style and a new engine.

A long term project the one of Volvo that, in the next five years, will bring Volvo to have a fully line of hybrid and electric cars, for more ecologic cars in line with the marketplace requests.

Electric cars and the software

When we think about the electric cars we only think about the engine. Instead even the software that supports them makes the difference. For this reason for the Volvo electric cars was signed an alliance to fight the production costs of the software.

electric cars XC60
Even the XC60 will be converted in the electric version, it will have a new style according to the new image of Volvo

Google gives a perfect operating system: the Android Automotive OS, which suits with many multimedia systems. The software in this case will allow all the Google services like the vocal assistant, but even the possibility to customize the code to realize specific services of the brand.

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