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Coffee time? Use the smartphone

If you are a coffee lover and you would drink it all the time, this article is what you need. Today we find out together the cover for your phone that allows you to prepare a cup of this thriving drink quickly. 

Coffee time, a ritual

First of all let’s see how and why the coffee break is such important for many of us. Firstly it allows to shut the brain, by allowing to recharge the energies to better deal with the rest of the day. 

It becomes a necessary moment to increase the attention and the work productivity. Infact, even if many think it is a lose of time, in reality it is scientifically proved that who enjoys this moment is more aimed to socialize and to work in group, but not only. Drink a coffee in specific moments of the day helps to remove the stress.

How to bring the coffee always with us?

Not everyone have the “relaxing area” inside the office. Someone bring with them the with the coffee or the tea previously prepared at home and sometimes drink a sip to refresh themselves after hours of work in front of a computer.

It should be instead very important for the recovery of the brain activity to go away from the job place and to enter in the one that is rightly called coffee time. This because by changing the place, the mind understands it is a relax moment, so it focuses to recover the energies. 

coffee time
An example of relax area which is very similar to many of the ones of the newest companies. For many instead the break is still on the job table.

Therefore, continuosly drink coffee or tea during the day isn’t healthy for the heart: don’t forget that they are always stimulating drinks and that they must drunk with parsimony. 

But how can we take this break moment if in the office we don’t have a relax area? The technology helps us. It’s born the cover for the smartphone that prepares you a coffee.

It’s born the cover for the coffee time

It’s called Mokase and it is a special cover for smartphone because it can prepare a coffee. It arrives from Naples and it is a high tech cover connected to an app and in a very short time it prepares an espresso. The perfect accessory for your coffee time.

coffee time mokase app
Mokase is the cover with the application that allows us to make the coffee with the smartphone.

A multi utility object that makes the coffee as a single use waffle machine. It costs 24,95€ and it is very easy to use. 

It will be enough to have the app Mokase installed on your smartphone, the dedicated cover and a cup where to drop the coffee. On the side of the cover there is a slot for the waffle. Once put the waffle, it will be enough to push the button on the screen of the smartphone by switching on the application. On the top of the cover there is a small hole from where the coffee will come out, ready for your recovery break. 

It isn’t a real new

In reality we must say the truth. Mokase isn’t a real new. Infact, already in the 2017 the prototype was launched on the marketplace by its developer, but it is only in the last year that the sales had a huge growth and it became the best object for the coffee time of employees and freelancers. 

coffee time the smartphone makes the coffee
Make the coffee with the smartphone isn’t a new, but Mokase is improving itself year by year.

Maybe even because we often travel for work, or maybe it is because it is easy to use and it allows to drink the coffee whenever we want, but it is since the 2019 that Mokase improved itself and made its way on the marketplace of the coffee.

A serie of related accessories were born, like for example the retractile cup to bring always with us. A way even more hygenic and functional to have our own coffee break because once drunk the espresso it will be enough to wash the cup and to fold it on itself, ready for the next break. 

For a coffee time worth of this name we need an object advanced and trend like this one. 

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