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The news of Apple iOS 14

iOs 14

The users Apple waited a little more than expected, but at the end here you have the new operating system of Cupertino: iOS 14. Many are the news introduced, here you have what changed for the apple users. 

It’s arriving a breath of news

With iOS 14 arrives a breath of news, starting from a look thought to make everything more intuitive than ever. Thanks to the new functions, you have what you need right when you need it. And the apps that you use everyday are even smarter, more personal and careful to your privacy”.

iOs 14
Here you have iOS 14, the new Apple operating system

That’s what you can read on the Apple website, that brilliantly introduces its last operating system. There are so much amazing news that wait to be discovered. 

Starting from the widgets on the home, to the new app library. From the new functions for calls and messages, the new maps incredibly improved. Until to arrive to the news about Siri and to the domotical control system of the house!

The widgets, the big news of iOS 14

Let’s start from the widgets, the news that you see as first when you instal the new operating system of Apple.

Today with your iPhone you can do much more things than ever. And iOS 14 reinvents the main elements of a world that you already love, to make them more useful and personal”.

iOs 14
The widgets are the big news of iOS 14

They are the most waited new and, surely, the one that most affect the usage of the iPhone. We can find all the new widgets on the left of the first page of the home. They can be enlarged and shrunken as we like and fix them on every page. 

With iOS 14 it’s therefore possible to set the widgets so that they appear according to the time, the place or the activity. 

This make our experience extremely customizable, by considering our activities, our needs and likely. 

We can realize our special home for the work, for the sport, for the free time, for the holiday week. Everything becomes incredibly involving and interactive. 

The app library

Second new: the app library. This time to find it we have to scrool toward the right, until the end of the pages, to find the app library.

iOs 14
Here you have iOS 14, the new Apple operating system

The first time that we will reach it it will welcome us with a message where it explains what it is. 

It is a completly new space where organize the apps, easy and intuitive. The most used apps will appear bigger and a simple tap will allow us to open them. The less used apps, instead, will be collected inside files. 

The messages managed by iOS 14

Big news even in the messaging world. From today on, with iOS 14, we will find the most important conversations in evidence. There will be new functions, like the direct messages or the mention of the name of the user to which the message is aimed. 

There will then be a lot of new emojis, perfect for every occasion. 20 new hairs will adorn the faces on our smartphone and, in perfect 2020 style, here you have the emoji with the mask. 

Translate, a new app to talk to everyone

It’s arriving Translate, the new app by Apple that will be as default for all the users iOS 14 and that promises to compete with Google Translate.

Translate is the new app of default of Apple

The app translates in eleven languages: arabic, mandarin chinese, english, french, german, italian, japanese, spanish, corean, russian and portuguese. It works even with the vocal commands!


And now let’s talk about Siri, the virtual assistant of the Apple devices. Siri has a new look with iOS 14, a minimal design to better help you. From now on, therefore, it will help you without covering what you are doing!

The app home with iOS 14

Finally, let’s see which are the news of the app that helps us to manage our smart home. The new home page of the app home will point out the objects that requires our attention (example: the car box is opened).

The home cameras now will recognise the faces and the movement sensors will make an incredible magic. It will be, infact, possible to divide the areas of activity and to activate the lights and all we need only if it will detect a movement. 

There are even more news about the new operating system. A new world all to discover that the company of Cupertino donated to its users. 

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