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Windows 11: news for Microsoft

The new operating system Windows 11 is coming

It was released today at 5 pm, italian time, the new operating system Microsoft: Windows 11. As always there were many rumors before the official launch, but let’s discover what happened in these days of wait and what it’s waiting for us with the new software.

Windows 11 build 21996: the removed leak

The new operating system already has some pirate problems. It wasn’t released yet that there were already the first not authorized ISO of the program. Microsoft infact made a complain to Google because the search engine indicized a page on the web that contained the links for the download of the ISO. While claiming the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DCMA) it asked that the page of Beebom.com (an indian website) with the links will be removed from the search results, because it was released a copy of a program that wasn’t released yet.

windows 11
Guaranteed the Dark Mode in the new operating system Windows 11, while the big new is the button Start in the middle of the status bar

The image ISO that is spreaded on the web contain all the available versions. Some rumors say that it was Microsoft itself to released it, so who was looking for confirmes about the new release won’t be misled. Infact the file that there is around doesn’t show big news compared with the operating system that already exist Windows 10, while letting us believe that there aren’t very interesting and useful changes.

What do we know today

Satya Nadella, CEO Microsoft, is very optimistic, by saying that the new build is one of the most important upgrades of Windows of the last decade”. Even Yusuf Mehdi, Vice President of Microsoft, seems to be enthusiast: “I was never such thrilled for a new version since the launch of Windows 95“.

The main new seems to be the new button start: placed in the middle this time, by getting closer to the style macOS and even to many Linux. For the most tradizionalists don’t worry: it’s anyway possible to move it on the left as in the old versions.

But the placement of the button Start isn’t the only new: infact the menu opens in a floating window, more easily suitable to the sizes of the different screens. In this way we will have even a great view on laptop of 10″ for example, or anyway on small screens.

Many elements of the interface, then, will have the corners rounder and there will be even the Dark Mode on all the operating system. Even the start will have some news: after the removal of the sounds, in this release they are re-introduced, as we can hear in a video posted on Twitter by Tom Warren, Senior Editor of The Verge that tested the program.

windows 11 start
The corners became rounder and they help to renewate the whole graphic interface of the operating system

The other elements of the interface will bring forward the changes started with Windows 10, especially about the system icones. A big aesthetical change for the software that was still old. The mode “Snap” is kept, it allows to side more applications, this will be though more prompt than the previous one.

What we don’t know yet

The kind of sharing is still a main doubt: will it be proposed as a free upgrade or will it be a paying?  In case it will be paying, while comparing it with the previous versions, we might wonder an amount around the 100 dollars for the version Home, the double for the Pro.
We don’t know nothing yet about the available versions, sure we wonder there will be at least the classic “Home” and “Pro”. Maybe there will even be the version “Enterprise” exactly like the predecessor Windows 10. Lastely we aren’t sure yet about the real availability of the new Windows 11, infact the younger brother Windows 10 was presented in september of the 2014 and then shared only in july of the 2015! But someone hopes that it will be available already since november 2021.


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