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Apple event online the 15th of september

Apple Event

Yesterday, 15th September, took place the Apple event of this year. Like every tech event and not only, even the Apple one of this year took place online, with a streaming direct during which it’s been announced all the news, let’s find out them together.

Apple Event – Time Flies

Time Flies, it was the slogan that followed the event this year. We didn’t see any turn of events, in reality, what it was announced during the event it was right what everyone thought.

First of all the new Apple Watch Serie 6, followed by an Apple Watch Se and by the new iPads. The missing one of the event, instead, it was the iPhone 12.

The event is fully visible on Youtube, but meanwhile, here you have in short what were the apple news presented this year.

Apple Watch Serie 6

It was maybe the most obvious and the most waiting of the Apple launching event of this year. Apple Watch Serie 6 was the big protagonist of this year, with a launching slogan that says it all.

“Apple Watch Serie 6 measures the oxygen level into the blood. Let’s make an ECG anytime, anywhere”.

The big news of this year is the measurement of the oxygen level into the blood. To do it it was put a new sensor, which is able to measure the oxygen level in the blood in 15 seconds. Furthermore they substantially improved the fitness functions, with a new altimeter, which is always on. The function always on, therefore, gives a brighter screen, even when the smartwatch is in stand by.

Apple Watch Serie 6
Apple Watch Serie 6 measures the oxygen level into the blood

The new Apple Watch Serie 6 has a processor SiP 6, it is equipped with quick charge in 90 minutes, with Chip U1, with antennas Ultra Wideband, WiFi 5GHz and it is available in new colours: blue and red.

Apple Watch Se

It’s arriving even the Apple Watch Se, the cheaper model, that accompany the basic model presented this year.

The performances of the Apple Watch Se are a little bit over the third serie of the Apple Watch. We can say that it is in the middle between the Serie 3 and the new Serie 6.

Apple Watch Se
Apple Watch Se

The Se has the same altimeter always on, the accelerometer and the gyroscope of the Serie 6. While it has the same processor of the Serie 5. Speakers and microphones are the same of the Serie 5 too. It then has a digital crown with haptic feedback, the function SOS emergency and the fall sensor.

Maybe the big lack of the Se is the electrocardiogram, but to be the “cheap” model of the serie has nothing to envy.

The iPad news presented during the Apple Event

During the event Apple presented its new iPad Air. The new iPad is fully redrawn and full of new elements. First of all, surely noteworthy, is the function of Touch ID on the edge, by completely getting the screen free.

iPad Air
The new iPad Air is arriving too, with the function Touch ID on the edge

Right the screen is a laminate 10,9 inches, with support P3 wide color, True Tone and anti reflex cover. The new iPad Air has a processor A14, it is compatible with Magic Keyboard, it is equipped with Wi-Fi 6, of charge and connectivity USB-C and of two cameras, the frontal one of 7MP and the back one of 12 MP.

The new iPad Air is, therefore, available in two new colours: green and light blue.

During the event Apple even introduced an upgrade of the iPad, it is the eighth generation.

Other news presented during the Event Apple

During the event then it’s been presented some news about software and functions. There is Apple Fitness +, a subscription with videos and tutorials, that can be integrated in the Apple Watch.

iPhone 12
During the event there wasn’t the iPhone 12, which release is anyway provided for october

Then, there is the Apple One, an all in one box that includes many services Apple (Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade and iCloud).

Many things were missed during this event, like the AirTags (that should arrive together with the next iPhone), the Air Pods Studio (that might arrive for Christmas). But the most missed to this Apple Event it was, without any doubt, the iPhone 12, which release is provided for october.

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