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Podcast for the summer: to discover and to have fun

The most interesting podcast to listen on the beach

Sun, sea, relax and a book to read under the sunshade, or not? After the podcast for the quarantine, we suggest a serie of podcasts for the summer to listen with the earphones while you get a tan or under the shade of cool trees while you are relaxing on a hammock. With a podcast besides to discover new things you can look around and observe the landscape or “relax the eyes”.

The podcasts for the summer: keyword information

For who would like to learn something about economy can listen Economia a polpette which has a weekly release, it is produced by 4tracce.fm. A podcast dedicated right to who doesn’t know too much about the subject but want to finally start to understand something of it. To give the voice to these podcasts is Jacopo Scarabello that in every episode face a different topic even answering to the questions made by the audience.

If you prefer to do it for a fewer time but more constantly you can choose The essential. It was born by a cooperation between Storytel and the comunity Will, it is hosted by the journalist and television host Mia Ceran. She talks about economy, politicy but even about current news, in five minutes every day she makes a summary to be always upgraded on the last news. In the past this serie was imen Boulahrajane known on instagram like @Imenjane, the format was lightly reviewed and it has a new host.

podcast per l'estate
Astromiti – sky myths, it is the podcast for the summer realized by Sergio Ferragina and Costanza Torrebruno

For who instead wants to explore the blue spaces can listen the Astromiti a perfect podcast for the summer to enjoy in the evening when the sand is still warm and there isn’t any cloud. Sergio Ferragina and Costanza Torrebruno talks about stars and constellations, by telling even about the respective myths and legends to which they are connected. It is possible to listen it on Apple Podcast or on Speaker.

To compare ourselves to the biggest ones you can listen instead The Big Seven: seven biographies of big american characters that changed the world and that are “larger than life”.

Or Che sfiga! Storie di gente che ha cambiato il mondo ma poi qualcosa è andato storto (What bad luck! Stories of people that changed the world but then something went wrong), ironic and ruthless biographies to tell that everybody, even to the big ones, have some no days, and what days!

Morgana instead is a podcast for the summer made by Storielibere.fm and it is realized by Chiara Tagliaferri together with Michela Murgia. It tells the biographies of women out of the ordinary that made the history and changed the way to think: it is available on Apple Poadcasts, Spotify and Google Podcast.

Podcasts to have fun

Between the perfect podcast for the summer we suggest even Black Coffee Sounds Good storytells read by the blogger McMusa published by Black Coffee. Black Coffee is an independent editor that choose a specifical topic: the contemporary north american literature, the podcast is available on Storilibere.fm, Speaker, Apple Podcasts and many other platforms.

If instead you are lovers of the graphic novel you might like Comics Will Break Your Heart, realized by Michele Foschini, co-founder of the editor Bao Pubblishing. In every episode they interview a cartoonist by Daniel Cuello at Zerocalcare with a funny mode. The podcast is an original Storytel.

podcast per l'estate
The serie realized by Bao Publishing “Comics will break your heart”

A podcast for the summer to have fun is Comedy Pills an Audible original. Claudio Bisio selected big comedians for a perfect podcast for the moments of boredom. You can listen Lella Costa, Debora Villa, Paolo Mingone, Gioele Dix, Gabriele Cirilli and so on.

Always on Audible you can find the serie of X-Files inspired to the graphic novel of Joe Harris. The serie is read by the italian original voices of Mulder and Scully (which are Gianni Bersanetti and Claudia Catani) for a very creepy summer.


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