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Smart Tv: why do we need one?

Did you know that soon you will need a smart TV more than ever? The television is changing and with it even the devices to watch it. Let’s discover together how and why.

What does Smart TV mean?

Shortly we will all need one at home. Soon we will say why, but first let’s see together what is a Smart TV.

It is a kind of television that we can call smart. Who uses it infact can interact with it by obtaining informations, services and adding functions through the internet connection.

smart tv
The Smart Tv is a kind of television that allows us to watch the classic channels and many other contents.

So, the conditio sine qua non to use a Smart TV is the Internet connectivity, which can be obtained with Ethernet cable or connection WiFi.

Basically all the modern Smart TVs have both connections, but in commerce there are even some TVs that only have the Ethernet door, without Smart functions. So to be sure that it is a Smart TV it will have to have the WiFi and it have to connect to internet through a Setting menu dedicated even to the connection with external platforms like Youtube or Netflix.

Why do we need one?

Because now the television is completely digitalized and almost all with subscription through services of streaming available only with an internet connection.

A Smart TV will continue to have the possibility to watch the classic tv channels, but in advance it will give you the possibility to view even other kinds of contents that don’t come from the cable TV.

Therefore there is the question of the decoder to watch the digital TV. Many channels now are visible only with the decoder and soon they won’t be available anymore from the shops, but there will be Smart Tvs with integrated decoder.

Vocal control and Smart programming

Besides that with their remote controller, the Smart Tvs can be controlled with the voice. The most modern ones infact have a device Voice Control integrated that will allow you to switch them on, switch them off or even to program the start and the end of your favourite shows.

smart tv voice control
Some of the most Smart Tvs have the Voice Control integrated to be controlled without remote controller.

The ones that instead don’t have the Voice Control integrated can use the chromecast, which are external devices that can connect with the television for the remote control. 

About the Smart programing, here you have what your smart tv will do. You can decide to record a show to watch them in the futuere, or to program the watching of a preview.

A mix of functions that allows us to do many further things besides to watch the classic digital tv channels.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Smart TV

Between the other advantages of a Smart TV there is one to connect to it an USB driver to reproduce videos and music or even movies that are on your computer connected to the same network of the television with the streaming DLNA.

Basically you will be able to transform your home in an advanced multimedia center, with which you can even freely surf on internet.

Anyway, even if the list of the advantages let us think that these systems don’t have any flaw, actually they do.

The main problem of the Smart TV is about the operating system that are often limited, full of bugs and not very flexible to the technological changes.

By imagining that a TV lasts more than 5 years we can later have an obsolete Smart TV almost useless after only two years, because the operating system or the firmware aren’t upgraded any more by the producer.

With the years, the most famous apps of streaming become incompatible and so we can’t do anything “Smart” anymore if not surf on the browser or access to the contents shared through the DLNA.

Questo problema è molto evidente e va tenuto in forte considerazione, perché a differenza di un computer vero e proprio non è possibile aggiornare i componenti interni di una TV. Ciò non toglie che la Smart Tv sia il sistema del futuro per rilassarsi guardando la televisione.


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