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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare challenges Fortnite

Call of Duty Modern Warfare

After a first warm welcome, the new chapter of Call of Duty, Modern Warfare was unanimously promoted. It was released for Ps4, Xbox One and Pc and it reached a point of up to 80% on Metacritic. We must say that it’s a really particular period for the project Infinity War. Infact the franchise of Call of Duty is now at its best, but it anyway have to try to live up to the progenitor of the serie. Meanwhile it’s trying to follow the race to the most used shooter: the very strong Fortnite.

With the new title, which can be seen as a reboot or like a real new beginning, they try so to draw a line about the future of Call of Duty.

The new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

In the new title of the serie Call of Duty the possibilities are really too many: from the classic multiplayer to the one with vehicles, from the cooperation Spec Ops Survival to the Campaign. Inside the game we can find small environmental puzzles, but even an interesting mission where, playing the role of a sniper, we have to calculate the right trajectory to shot from big distances.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare
A scene of the game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

There are even, like is used in the game, quotes from the most recent war movies. Like the previous titles that took inspiration from movies like Saving Private Ryan but even Enemy at the Gates and Band of Brothers. In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare there are quotes from Homeland, Zero Dark Thirty but even small hints to Black Hawk Down.

In the game stands out an incredible graphic, realistic from the graphic point of view, and for the very realistic environmental. Infact in the story we can find missions that allude to the murder of Bin Laden or realistic hints that let us live the terroristic attack in London in the plaza of Piccadilly Circus. While the country of Urzikstan (a fancy name) incredibly remembers the extremely recent tragedy of the kurds. If the references so for the first Modern Warfare remembered the topics of news linked to Iraq now we fly in Siria.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare
A mission in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

And the references are really a lot, like the Highway to Death which is mentioned in the game and it remembers, during the Gulf War of the 1991, the massacre where were bombed the iraqi troops of soldiers along the street between Bassora and Kuwait. About this event, in the game the fault is fully given to the russian and this seems to have promptly aroused controversy between the fans of the game and not only.

Overall rating

In this title of Call of Duty we find everything: moderate rebels, partisans, terrorists, foreign fighters and kamikaze, but even chemical weapons and white helmets. Maybe a flaw is right this one, the fact to mix a little bit too much concepts (references to Siria and Afghanistan).

Generally the story convinces. Like for example the two mean moments where the events of the characters are really involving. Then a dramatic flashback, together with the big attention to never line up too much with the good and bad (besides from the russian).

A negative note must maybe gave to the Campaign mode. In this mode during the lenght of the game stood between five and six hours, maybe too little, but it’s anyway really involving. We will be infact to look in every corner of a house thanks to some special viewers, but even the break-in of the embassy is noteworty and how can’t we mention the mission Going Dark? It’s really a great debut so for the new title of Call of Duty.

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