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The 10 better ways to enjoy a RPG

godersi un GDR

The RPGs, acronym of Role Playing Games, are kind of videogames that have some specific characteristics. They are games’ classes where we have the possibility to create our own figure and to interact with the very numerous aspects of the world where we are, including the other figures.

Let’s see so how to do to better enjoy a RPG.

Creation of the character

The first thing to do to better enjoy a RPG is to create a character that looks like us and that has the characteristics that we prefer. The biggest part of those titles presents many classes, abilities and peculiarities between those we can choose.
To better use all the characteristics is good to take our time for the creation so to carefully consider every aspect.

We don’t have to forget that the figure that we create will be the one that will follow us for all the journey in our adventures and, for this reason, it is essential that it is exactly how we like it.

Exploration and game’s world

To enjoy a RPG in the better way it is very important even to give the right importance to the game’s world  and to all the characteristics that it has. Very often, infact, those kind of games are open world and they can donate us many emotions about the graphic and explorating aspect.

We don’t need, infact, to be worry about how many hours we spend to do it, but we just have to explore it, because a RPG, if it is good made, will always surprise us.


One of the biggest worrying when we play a RPG is the inventory’s management that could be very often difficult, especially in some specific titles. To enjoy the game it is important to have the resourches whenever we need.
For this reason we have, firstly, to get or to do all the procedures to upgrade our own bag so to bring with us more objects.

Secondly it is essential to do a selection and understand that some objects have to be left behind. We can’t always bring with us everything.


Every good RPG has a dense intrigued web of backstories that can keep the videogamer busy sometime even for longer time than the principal one.
To enjoy a RPG we need to give the right importance even to those secondary stories, because they can really donate many satisfations.

Very often, therefore, they give addictional aspects that otherwise we couldn’t have.

Principal story

At the same way, though, we don’t have to forget that there is a principal story that without any doubt deserves our attention. Usaully, this is organised in the way to create a gradual journey, even if there are some exceptions.

The thing that is sure it is that to enjoy this kind of games it is good to keep attention to every detail that the story proposes us, making every duty according to our own attitudes.

Upgrades and abilities

In every RPG, just because of its own structure, there is the possibility to upgrade his own figure and to let him grow according to our liking. The growth’s system, usually, is made by experience’s points that we collect making our duties, completing missions and killing the enemies.

To enjoy a RPG it is important to spend those points conscientiously, carefully analysing which are the characteristics that we want to improve. Obviusly those could be changed according to the class and the kind of his own figure.


One of the aspect that every RPG has are the dialogues. A good role playing game, infact, hide on itself a series of dialogues to which it is possible to give different answers.
Depending on the given anwers, of course, the results of the conversation will change and maybe even the results that it is possible to obtain from it.

For this reason it is very important to keep attention at this point and we don’t have to take it lighly.


During the campaign, but even during the backstories, of a RPG, we often have to take some choises that will change not only the destiny of our figure, but even the vision that the other videogamers and the AIs will have about us.
It will be possible, for example, to decide if execute or pardon an enemy, or if help or not another figure, etc.

We have to take those choises with the right attention, because they influence the whole experience.

Treasures and related

To enjoy a RPG it is essential even be focused on the research of all the hiding objects for sure spread in the whole game’s world. A characteristic of this kind of games it is, infact, the thing to be full of treasures and objects to discover.

A careful research of those elements could donate new weapons, new abilities or objects with rare characteristics.


Finally, to fully enjoy a RPG we suggest to completly empathize with the game’s world. For sure it is important to don’t confuse it with the reality but, maybe, for the few hours that we play we can forget about the problems and leave space for the emotions that only this kind of games can donate us.

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