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The best 10 inventions of the 2018

There are still few days before the year ending and as always we draw the conclusions about how the year went. The technological innovations run fast. If while back we could find just a couple of big inventions per year, in the last period we aren’t able to quantify how many are the ones that improve our life.

The number of revolutionary inventions substantially increase every year. Infact, the famous magazine “Time” makes every year a list saying which were the best inventions. In the 2017 they were 25, this year twice, 50! Here you have some of them:


Aira is a subscription streaming service. This time though to record will be the user, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

It is a service that wants to help blind or partially sighted people, by trasmitting live to an operator, that will help them to make daily tasks (to make small houseworks, to go in a place or to grab an object, to combine the clothes to wear, etc).

Sheerly Genius

The Sheerly Genius are some special collants for women, which can have a life of 50 years! The genius of it is hidden in the texture on which they are realized.

The Sheerly Genius, infact, are made in Sheertex, the stronger polymer in the world.

Acuvue Oasys with Transition

The Acuvue Oasys with Transition are some lens that fit with the light’s changing.

They work exactly like the transition glasses which get darker in front of the sun, without having to wear the glasses.


Between the many clinical disorders that evolve as the time and the human habits go on, there is the migraine.

A kind of migraine ever more spread is up to the excessive usage of electronic devices and to an ever more stressful lifestyle.

Aimovig is a new medicine focused exclusively to this kind of disorder, with less side effects and with the 50% in addition of efficiency.


For now this invention is only at a beta version. The online shopping is dramatically increasing, to the disadvantage of the real shops one.

This though has a big flaw: is impossible to try the products before to buy them and often, so, we find out clothes too big or too small.

However in the future the clothes will probably be realized perfectly tailor-made, like the biggest part of the today’s scince-fiction shows. Zozosuit is an outfit made by leggings and long sleeved shirt, that takes our measures and send them to the app, to buy the products tailor-made right for us. For the moment, though, the store is substantially reduced.

Beyond Meat

We already talk about the meat not meat, that avoids the consumption of the animal meat, with the consequent abuse and the cruelty of the intensive farming.

Beyond Meat (and the other companies that produce meat without using animals) besides to act by a moral point of view, even helps the environment, because it is much more ecological to produce.

Reebook PureMove

Reebook PureMove is the perfect example of how even clothing is becoming ever more smart. PureMove is a sporting bra that adapts and changes itslef according to the kind of activity made.

For example if we do sudden movement, a gel inside it let it become stronger, so to guarantee a better support. PureMove is the most successful product sold online by Reebook.


Always in the spirit of the ecology, which now is ever more a “must” in the every day life, we find LIA.

LIA is a pregnancy test fully biodegradable, that can be throw even inside the wc.


Babel-Fish is between the most technological invention of the list and it comes straight from the MIT. They are some headphones that translate in real time, helping the conversation between people from every part of the world.

Let’s assume that A speaks italian while B speaks english. A wears the headphones, while B uses a smartphone. A speaks in italian, but the B’s phone will transmit the words in english, through a specific app. After that B will speak in english through the telephone, but A will hear the answer in italian through the headphones.

Fundamental Surgery

Finally we find out Fundamental Surgery, a surgeries simulator, used already by fifty hospitals in the United States, that helps the surgeons that use it with many tactile informations.

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