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How to efficiently manage a Facebook page

Come gestire una pagina Facebook

How to manage a Facebook page?

If you are the owner of a company you surely heard often this question. Nowadays Facebook is an essential instrument for everyone wants to show their own products or promote their services to a larger audience. There are more then two billions of actived users registered on the Mark Zuckerberg‘s social network. In Italy almost a citizien on two has a personal profile. The companies now invest big finances on this platform to create a visibility which is reflected not only in terms of their imagine but even about the economic point of view. Let’s discover together how to manage a Facebook page.

Business page and aspect Come gestire una pagina Facebook

Let’s clarify soon a thing: to optimally manage a Facebook page we need absolutly to create a personal profile, without a registration of our own Name and Surname, we don’t go anywhere, and everyone wants to create a personal profile by replacing the two above mentioned fields with their company’s ones will be soon blocked by the platform. Facebook, infact, requires the usage of real datas, starting from our name and surname, in the regulation it invites to don’t use every kind of titles (for ex. professionals, religious) or objects’ names, and it specifics that for the companies or something different from persons, there are the Pages.
The personal profile is a kind of solution that provides well defined restrictions, specifically, infact, we can have an upper limit of friends fixed at 5000, while for the business pages doesn’t exist this kind of restriction, the pages work in a different way, a kind of Twitter they are been followed by fans and they don’t have any upper limit of followers.
The business page provides different instruments, like the analysis one called “insights”. Thanks to it, it is possible to see in real time the page’s progresses with the number of views, viewers’ origin, interest, etc. It gives statistics sufficient detailed about the posts published on the homepage, which surely is an useful instrument for who manage a businees on this platform.

Come gestire una pagina Facebook

Clarified this question we can pass to the aspect of our own page. About it we need to consider that a Facebook page is like a business card and, for this reason, we need to give soon a good impression to obtain some results.
According to some studies, infact, the viewers spend around 3 seconds to understand if they like the page or not.
About it we need to carefully evaluate the imagines that we will insert for example for the avatar or for the cover. Those, therefore, will have to be of the right format and show, besides the company’s logo, something catchy that can in some way getting the viewer curious.

Settings of a Facebook page

Between the many voices that we can fill to make the viewing of a Facebook page optimal we surely find important the settings and the informations of our own page. If we are talking about the second ones (the informations) we need to carefully evaluate what to show because they are public contents and that’s mean that they will be visible to everyone.
Specifically there are two voices to fill:

  • Generals
  • Informations about the Page

About Generals we are talking about a section where to set the characteristics of our own page. About it the suggest is the one to take out any kind of restriction so to allow everyone to interact with the contents.
For sure there will be spammer users ready to fill comments and pictures of our business page, this will be one of our duty to “moderate” and check every contents to see if it is appropriate with our target and the mission of our page.Come gestire una pagina Facebook

About the Informations though we are talking about all the details (page’s kind, purposes, missions, etc) that will go to identify the page.
Really important about it is to don’t leave any empty space but to precis explain what are our purposes and the general target of the page. Furthermore, giving some extra information about the company without losing the formal tone.

Managing: how many persons?

Finally, about how manage a Facebook page we need to spend a second on the staff users that will have this duty, defined in a section of the settings with the voice “Page’s roles“. In general the suggest is to give the managing to few persons to don’t create any kind of problems.
We have to say, though, that about it Facebook gives the possibility to assign many kinds of roles, specifically:

  • Administrator: A role that have the access to every contents and that can manage the page at the 100%, when you will go to create the page you will be the unique “administrator”, he is the principal user to the managing of every page.
  • Editor: He has the access to all the page’s sections but he can’t modify the principal settings, he can write new posts for the page.
  • Moderator: He moderates the comments and he creates insertions but he can’t modifiy what is been created by the administartors and the editors.
  • Advertiser: He creates advertise but he can’t publish contents or change others.
  • Analyst: He has the access exclusevly to the insights’ datas.

With the last upgrades by the platform for the advertising, Facebook introduced between the roles even the “Page’s owner“. Infact, it is possible to create an advertising business account (always remembering to firstly create a personal profile), that allows to manage more pages and advertising campaign.

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