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The Sims 4: green turn with Eco lifestyle

The new expansion Eco lifestyle

The next week, precisely the 5th june, will be released the new expansion of The Sims 4. The game of life simulation is continuosly renewing itself, as much as that now it counts tens of expansions and versions even mobile. It’s been introduced many jobs, pets, expansions dedicated to the magic and..

The new expansions of The Sims 4

Maybe it was even for the quarantine, that changed the way to see topics like the environment and the pollution. Or maybe it was already ongoing for a while and EA decided to use the moment during which it was possible to see clear skies, clear waters and to listen the birds thanks to the reduction of the traffic and the closure of many factories. Anyway the new expansion the sims will be very busy to help the environments.

the sims 4
In the new expansion of The Sims 4 you will have to support the green thought

Renewable energies, back to nature, but even happy degrowth, the sims never were so careful to the environment. We can understand it already from the title of this pack “Eco lifestyle“.

We will be so able to grow the dream of a green and sustainable life, without fall down in the uncared style of the farmers of the town though. Infact you will meet smiling guys dressed with the hippy style, with pro-active attitude that drink smoothies (or maybe extract, which are much more healthy) and that grow the garden on the terrace.

In “Eco lifestyle” isn’t important only to diversify and to not waste, we need even to recycle! So you will have to create with the garbage new objects and to restore ancient furniture.

The purpose is the one to realize a model of sustainability that gives the example for other cities and that make the difference to improve the world. You can even decide to instal the wind turbines and the solar panels, to collect the water from the rain to water the garden that, obviusly, you installed in vertical to not waste the space.

Eco lifestyle

A radical-chic and super technological virtual world, with an environmentalist soul; you will be able to buy eco clothes in hemp and design furnitures realized with recycled materials. Even the policy changes. If you would like a carrier as mayor you must know that you have to encourage the citizens to choose eco materials, to create common gardens and special green areas and even to propose eco initiatives.

the sims 4
A sims is creating a vacuum smog to clean the polluted air in The Sims 4 – Eco lifestyle

But that’s not all: there will be even new jobs like the civil designer and the eco-green artisan. If all this activism is bothering you and you would like to do the anti-ecologists you might know that you will se the nature drop out and the garbage grow up. The pollution will take over as well as in the real world.

But don’t worry, in the simulated life of The Sims 4 – Eco lifestyle it will be easy to let the lakes come back clear and the air too. So you will even see a northern light as prize for the most virtuos.

the sims 4
When you will arrive in the city you will have to clean it

It is setted in the city of Evergreen Harbour where you will have to transform a polluted city, full of garbage, in a city with the recycling, where the citizens grow their own gardens to make 0 km vegetables.

At the beginning of the game infact you sims will arrive in this city that is in a disastrous situation and you will have to recover the ecosystem. You will have to make the city of Evergreen Harbour (but it the same even for the nearest ones, infact the expansion changes most of the areas) more livable.

Electronics Art lets us know, on the page dedicated to the expansion, that it won’t judge you if you will prefere to life in the smog between the garbage and you will see your sims hardly breath and without food.

You must remember finally that to play to this expansion you will have to instal the game The Sims 4 (the last version), which is already available in download.

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