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Tech food: when vegan is good

Vegan food thanks to the scientifical research

The global warming, the allergies, many things are suggesting us to change the lifestyle. But it is hard. Change the habits is hard, for this reason Impossible Foods, an american company famous for its tech food, is experimenting a line of veggy products that are very alike the ones that we like, but much more green and without side effects of the animal products. the last products of Impossible Foods were announced to the last CES in Las Vegas.

Tech and sustainable food

Now it is known, in the world we are ever more and we use much more resources of the ones that the world can afford. A part of the global warming then comes from the animal breeding. Which can be the solution? Consume less and consume better, obviusly. In the last years inside the stores it is possible to find many alternative vegetal products unlike the animal ones: veggy milk, seitan, tofu, muscle of wheat. But, even though many of us understand the problem, not everyone are able to give up with the flavour of cow milk, with the consistency of a beef steak or with the creamy of a cheese, so what should we do? 

tech food
Thanks to the scientific research Impossible Foods re-created a perfect veggy burger

Impossible Foods, the company founded in the 2011 with headquarter in California, is trying to solve the problem by producing veggy products with the shape and the consistency of the animal ones. It puts together in its production two targets: from a side the reduction of the negative environment aspects that come from the animal breedings for the production of meat and cheese, from the other side more balanced nutritional value by keeping the flavour to which we are used. 

Its most famous product is the hamburger. A perfect ring of juicy meat, with a flavour and a smell identical to the original. The Impossible burger even bleeds like a real hamburger. To realize it they use the 95% less of soil, the 74% less of water and they emit the 87% less of greenhouse gases.

tech food
It isn’t only about the flavour and the aspect, but it is even the versatility of its usage

On the basis of it there is mainly a protein derived from soy the leghemoglobina (protein genetically changed that doesn’t still convince everyone about its safety), many natural flavours, vitamins, minerals. About the nutritional values instead nothing to say: 113 grams of Impossible burger brings 220 kcal, while a real burger about 350 kcal.

Specifically Impossible burger has 13 grams of fats of which 7 satured against the 32 g and 11 g of the real one. It doesn’t have cholesterol (against the 86 mg of the other) but it has more sodium, 420 mg against 80 mg.

The future is already here?

But to do it Impossible Foods is investing much money and resources. 700 million of dollars in the 2020 to hire 100 international scientists to create new foods. 

Maybe for this reason it seems they are already at a good point to realize the Impossible MIlk: the same colour, the same flavour, but especially the same capacity to melt into the coffee and make the foam. The receipt of this new tech food is secret, like the ones of all the products Impossible Foods.

test impossible milk
The Impossible Milk seems to be at a good point about: flavour, colour and characteristics

The company is focusing to replace all the animal based products until the 2035, that today, according to the Fao, produce the 14,5% of the grenhouse gases emissions of the world. An ambitious project, but Pat Brown (the CEO of the Impossible Foods) says that most depends on the quality of the substitute. The next steps of the company are aimed to realize replacement for the fish and the eggs.

But meanwhile the tech food of Impossible Foods, like the one of the competitor Beyond Meat, is going to conquer the Europe. The whole marketplace of the replacers of the meat is growing: the predictions are that since the 4,6 billion of dollars of today, they will arrive to the 6 billions in the 2024, of which almost half of them right in Europe. 

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