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The best 5 Startups of the 2017


The Startups one is an universe in continuous growth that every year proposes new ideas and solutions to simplify processes and to offer services to the users. The 2017 under this point of view was a really prolific year that saw the birth of many interesting projects.
Let’s see which are the bests and what they have to offer.

Genenta Science

Let’s start with a really interesting Startup that we can define “noble” for what it has to offer. We are talking, infact, about a project that has the main purpose to develop a gene therapy based on the engineering of the blood’s stem cell focused on the fight against the cancer.
Through two maxi investments, one of 10 and the other of 7 million it was able to collect the needed funds to end up the pre-clinic experimentation’s phase, giving the start to the one on the patients that will start in the 2018.
Genenta is probably one of the Startup that will bring the most interesting results not only for the current year but even for the next ones.


Let’s talk now about a totally “green” startup focused on the nature respect and on the reduction of the consumptions about things like the water. Especially the innovation is the idea of a revolutionary irrigation’s system for their own greenhouses.
It is been defined the hydroponics system which substantially use a teardrop irrigation.
In this way it is possible to highly reduce the consumption of a valuable asset: the water. Sfera was able to collect in only two years almost 20 million of euros of funds and, after the realization of the first green house of 13 acres, it thinks to build many more.


Like the word suggests Soldo is a Startup focused specifically on the control of our own funds and bank accounts. Especially it is been created a system that allows to have a common managing of our own funds for example about the private or company bank accounts.
In this way it is possible to set up for everyone a prepaid card, shopping’s limits and even some limits about the usage of it inside determined time frames.
The first investments’ round is been closed with over 11 million of dollars collected, not bad!


Another really interesting Startup that allows to use one of the most used services at the moment: the wifi line. Especially the purpose is the one to use this line to monetize the commercial activities.
The modus operandi is really easy: if we are connected to the line of a specific activity we receive commercial offerts, applications and things realized naturally with a well focused marketing. In this way it is possible to use all the potentialities of this connection to our own advantage.


Finally, here we have the one that is been defined the best Startup of the 2017 according to StartupItalia. Especially we are talking about a project focused one more time on the respect for the nature and on the research of green solutions that allow to solve the problems of our planet.
Especially the purpose reached until this moment by Greenrail is been the one to put on the marketplace a railway cross-member completely made with recycled materials totally innovative and environmentally friendly.
Thanks to this idea is already arrived an agreement with the Safepower1 an US company which gives a fund of over 75 million of dollars to realize other railways in 5 American states: Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Indiana e Wisconsin.

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