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Aptera Paradigm, the electric car of the future

Aptera Paradigm

The future is electric, we know it. But we even know that with the electric cars are arriving even the first problems, especially about the big amount of energy that their functioning need. And even about the charging times. But what if is there an electric car that charges itself with the sun and that has an autonomy of 1600 km? Let’s discover together all the secrets of Aptera Paradigm, the electric car of the future.

Let’s enter in the world of Aptera

The promises of Aptera are such incredible that many don’t believe that it will be able to keep them. An electric car that doesn’t need to be charged and that promises an autonomy much higher than the top of the line of the moment.

Let’s just think that Tesla Model S has an autonomy of 640 km, while Aptera promises that its Paradigm will be able to arrive up to 1,610. Which is its secret? The sun!

However Aptera isn’t new in this world. It already tried to do it in the 2005 with another futuristic model: the Typ-1, which was, though, a failure. But now it really seems to be sure of itself, by claiming that the factory is already ready to start the production and that the first models might arrive before the end of year.

Today we don’t want to be sceptical. Today we want to dream bigger. So here you have Aptera Paradigm, the electric car of the future.

Aptera Paradigm: the design

Before to start to talk about the technical details, let’s talk about the first thing that we see while watching at the car: the design. It really seems to come straight from a science-fiction movie. It isn’t a car, it is a spaceship. It seems it has to take off at any moment. And, instead, not, it will remain firmly anchored to the ground, but it wants to touch higher, very high, up to the sun.

Aptera Paradigm
Aptera Paradigm, a futuristic car on three wheels

Aptera Paradigm has three wheels, two at the front and one on the back. It is all projected at the front, with a futuristic design that winks to a big classic, Piper style.

The body is ultra light, realized in carbon fiber, kevlar and canapa. Inside there is only the space for the driver and one passenger, but, in exchange, it has a very large trunk.

Solar panels

Aptera Paradigm isn’t a normal car transposed in electric. It was thought and created exclusivelly to be moved with the solar energy. This makes it unique and that’s why it’s such special, even in the aspect.

Aptera Paradigm
Roof and front-end are covered with solar panels

To move everything, infact, are the solar panels, that take place on the roof. Aptera says that they can obtain about 70 kilometers each day. By considering that the medium daily journey is less than that, that’s why Aptera Paradigm is considered the electric car that doesn’t need to be charge never.

But if we need more autonomy it can be charged as a normal electric car.

The autonomy of Aptera Paradigm

Like we said, the strong suit of Aptera Paradigm are the solar panels, that make it the electric car that doesn’t need to be charged. They can give to it an autonomy of 70 km, but, if we want we can add more solar panels on the front-end.

Aptera Paradigm inside
The inside of Aptera Paradigm

If, instead, we need even more autonomy or if the day is gloomy, Aptera Paradigm can easily work with a normal charge. But even here the promises are incredible.

Let’s start with the basic version, with batteries that give it an autonomy of 400 kilometers, until to arrive to batteries that can reach the 1600 kilometers of autonomy.

It’s even possible to add the engines, by passing from 100kW to 150kW.

The numbers and the release of Aptera Paradigm

This new concept of futuristic electric car is really liked. The audience likes it, they already pre-ordered seven thousands. And the investors very like it too, they financied it for 4 million of dollars.

Aptera Paradigm will cost, in its basic version, 25.900 euros, and by adding all we can add, we will arrive to a maximum of 48.300 dollars. The release is predicted for the end of the 2021, but who knoes if Aptera will be able to keep its incredible promise.

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