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Airo, the electric car that reduce the pollution of the other cars


Airo will be a different electric car. It won’t only run with a green energy, but it will even reduce the pollution around it, by aspiring the smog produced by the other cars. Let’s discover it together.

The presentation of Airo

Airo was presented to the Car Show of Shangai 2021 and it soon catched the attention of the whole car world and not only.

Airo, the car that aspires the pollution produced by the other cars

The concept was realized by the cooperation between the londoner Heatherwick Studio and the chinese IM Motors.

The first one is a study with headquarter in London that never made cars before. This doesn’t mean that it isn’t an excellence in the sector. Its product, infact, are the very famous red buses of London.

The second one is a chinese brand of cars recentelly created. The founders are between the best chinese businessmen: the colossus of the e-commerce Alibaba, the car producer SAIC and the Zhangjiang Hi-Tech.

Together with Airo it was presented even a new futuristic charge station for the electric vehicles, a curved station, in steel with retractable cables.

Airo, the futuristic electric car

The model at a first sight is very weird, but it is futuristic, it seems coming out from a science fiction movie. When we discover its functioning then, we understand that the first sight was right.

Airo and the charge station
Together with the car it was presented a futuristic charge station for electric vehicles

Airo has everything. It is an electric car with particulate filter that purifies the air around it. Basically, while we are in the middle of the traffic, Airo aspires the smog emitted by the other cars, by helping a bit to fight the pollution of the big cities.

But even the design is incredible and futuristic. The internal are a living room where we can basically live, work, eat, study, watch a movie.

Electricity and particulate filter

Airo isn’t simply another electric car that doesn’t pollute the air. With the usage of the most recent technology of filters HEPA, Airo goes far beyond, by aspiring the pollution of the other cars while running”, explains  Thomas Heatherwick.

Not only a simple electric car

The filter HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) works as an air purifier. The system aspires the air around us, by aspiring the smog produced by the other cars with heat engine and all the smog and the polluting particles in the air over the street. After that it gives back clean and healthy air.

The project is ambitious, but Airo promises to fight the atmospheric pollution.

Autonomous driving car

Airo doesn’t stop to surprise us and, after all we said, we have to add even that this model is even an autonomous driving car.

They didn’t say much about it, in reality, during the official presentation to the Car Show of Shangai, but usually IM Motors uses the techonology Nvidia.

The system equipped on the other cars of the company has 12 cameras at high definition that allow a 360° view, 5 radar at millimeters waves and 12 ultrasound radars. All of it is managed by the platform Nvidia Xavier, which has a power of calculation of 30 Tensor operations per seconds.

Design of the internals

The design, especially about the internal was, instead, assigned to the Heatherwick Studio.

The internal becomes a multifunctional living room or a double size bed

Forget about the internal spaces of which we are used to in a century of cars, Airo will be a real multifunctional living room. The seats can be turned to be one in front of each other and a table can stand in the middle of them.

Therefore, the seats can lean until to make a very comfortable double size bed. The glasses can be darken to have more privacy or we can leave transparent to see the stars while we lean on the bed. The roof, infact, is made completely in glass too.

It was planned to manage the lack of space, Airo is even a multifunctional space with extra space to eat, work, play and even sleep. As a new room for our lifes, Airo is a car aimed to bring us into a better and less polluted future”.

The production might start until the 2023.

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