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How will the Apple Car be

Apple Car

Did you hear that the apple company wants to produce a car? Yes, you understood well, no more smartphones, tablets, computers and smart tvs, this time Apple wants to produce a vehicle, electric, autonomous and super smart. Here you have how the Apple Car will be.

Many rumors and few certainties

One hears to talk about the Apple Car for a while now, but the certainties are few and the official declarations are very few.

Elon Musk recentelly claimed to be very surprised about the new that Apple wants to start to produce cars, even because in the past he tried to sell right at Tim Cook his company.

Apple Car
Concept of Apple Car

It was the 2017 and it was a bad period for Tesla and Elon Musk was looking for a buyer, to save his company, for a derisory amount if we think how much it worsts now. Musk said I tried to start a negotation with Cook, but he didn’t want to meet me neither.

And it is for this reason that when Elon discovered about the Apple Car said: “If it’s true, it’s strange!”.

However the rumors seem to confirme the fact that the Apple Car is real. Hyundai, infact, recently said to be in negotation with the company of the apple, for a model of car.

It seems that the Apple Car is under developing for years, but maybe it won’t be able to arrive before the 2025. Meanwhile, though, some certainties seem to be arised. It’s a serie of patents made by Apple about a super technological and futuristic model of car. Let’s discover them.

The virtual reality

Between the patents there is a virtual reality for the car. The system avoids the motion sickness, which is the feeling of nausea and vertigo made by the virtual reality.

According to Apple “it can encourage the productivity, because the passengers can work during the drive of the vehicle without suffer of motion sickness”. So we even deduces that the Apple Car will have a system of autonomous drive.

A touch car

Touch, touch and even touch. What should we wonder from a company leader in the sector of the smartphones? This car will be touch everywhere.

Concept of Apple Car
Concept of Apple Car

According to the patent the touch commands will be hidden and integrated in the surfaces. It will be enough a touch to open the door or the windows. But, maybe, even to sign, to switch on the vehicle, to set the autonomous drive.

The autonomous drive of the Apple Car

Let’s now talk about the autonomous drive, because Apple has a patent for it too. A system to “improve the awareness of the situration”.

The Apple Car will be able to scan the surrounders and to alert the driver in case of dangers. This if in the future the cars will talk between each other and with the road. A future imagined even by Elon Musk already. In this scenario a smart car will know if another car is arriving, before to see it. As well as it will be able to stop because it “see” an ambulance or it will know exactly the moment when the light will become red.

The privacy of the Apple Car

This patent isn’t such futuristic. In reality this technology is already used in many contexts. But if Apple did it, maybe it wants to use it on its Apple Car. We are talking about the windows that automatically get dark. It’s enough a touch, because the Apple Car will be completely touch, do you remember it.

Air conditioner

The air conditioner arrived inside the cars decades ago. It isn’t a new. But the patent of Apple is much more than a simple ait conditioner. Infact, it is able to control the environmental conditions, including the glass surfaces that increase or decrease the temperature, by finding the right temperature.

But not only. The system will be, even, able to understand which is the temperature felt by the single areas of the body of each person inside the car and to regulate the air holes according to it.

The holograms of the Apple Car

Maybe with this last patent Apple really exagerated. We are talking about holograms. Yes, because the new Apple Car will be able to project the informations on the windshield or on other glass surfaces.

The holograms of the Apple Car

Who knows if this futuristic car will be a reality and if it will such incredible as it seems.

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