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Eco Rating says to you which are the most ecologic smartphones

Eco Rating

Would you like to know how much is your smartphone green or the one that you are going to buy? Thanks to the cooperation between many european phone companies, between which Vodafone, it was born Eco Rating, a system of evaluation of the most ecologic smartphones. Let’s discover it together.

The birth of Eco Rating

The idea start by the awareness of the telecommunication companies of their effort to give an ecologic and eco-sustainable service to their customers.

Eco Rating consortium
Five companies of the telecommunication sector created Eco Rating

Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom, Orange, Telefonica and Telia decided to join together to realize a system that, through a series of points, gives to the customers the informations about the impact of their smartphones on the environment.

Eco Rating analyzes the smartphones available in 24 different marketplaces of the sector. Currently it analyzed 12 brands, but the companies promise that they will go on to upgrade it.

They are Bullitt Group – Home of Cat and Motorola Rugged Phones, Doro, Hmd Global – Home of Nokia phones, Huawei, MobiWire, Motorola, Lenovo, OnePlus, Oppo, Samsung Electronics, Tlc, Alcatel, Xiaomi and Zte.

The initiative started right now (June 2021) and it interests the users of 24 european countries.

Why Eco Rating

Build a more sustainable future is our responsibility. For this reason we believe it’s the moment to promote a more harmonious system of ecologic rating (Eco Rating) that increase the transparence and that help to increase the awareness about the environmental impact of the mobile phones that our customers choose. 

We are looking forward to let our initiative Eco Rating meets new producers and new telecommunication operators, and we hope that it inspires all the sector to speed up its transition to a model of circular economy for the mobile phones”, the administrators of the five mobile phone companies explain.

The sustainable effort of Vodafone

Like we said, Vodafone is one of the mobile phone companies that realized Eco Rating. All of us know its effort about this topic.

Vodafone eco company
Vodafone is 100% supplied by renewable sources and it’s the most sustainable company of the telecommunication sector.

The Vodafone network, infact, is 100% supplied with energy that comes from renewable sources, and it recently said that it’s focusing to become CO2 free until the 2025.

Therefore, in the league made by the german institute ITQF, it’s at the first place between the companies of the telecommunication sector for the “most sustainable companies of the 2021”.

The scores

But basically, how does Eco Rating work?

Eco Rating is a label, that will give detailed ecologic informations to the customers of the brands of smartphones that joined the initiative.

To the devices will be given a score that goes from 0 to 100, to claim their environmental impact. Higher the score is more sustainable the product is.

To do it they consider the whole productive process and the life of the product. From the production, to the transport, to the sale, until its disposal.

Furthermore, it considers five essetianl points for the sustainability of the product: the durability, the repairability, the recyclability, the climate efficiency and the resource efficiency. About these points Eco Rating will give detailed informations.

How does it calculate the score

Let’s know talk about the score between 0 and 100, with which we will be able to discover the level of eco-sustainability of our smartphone.

Oppo Eco Rating
Oppo is one of the producer of smartphones that joined the project

Eco Rating will give a score to the five phases of live of the smartphone:

  • The raw materials More recycled raw materials and not rare resources it will use higher the score will be.
  • The production. In this phase it considers the level of CO2 and the energetical consumption.
  • The transport. It calculates the distance and the vehicles used, by considering, obviusly, the levels of CO2
  • The usage of the product and the replacement parts. This point analyzes all the life of the product, since when it arrives on the consumer hands until it will be finally disposed.
  • Lastely, it gives a score to the phase of disposal of the product, by considering if it can be refurbished and how many parts of it can be recycled.

The average of all the scores will give the final score, on a scla that goes from 0 to 100. Would you like to know how much ecologic is your smartphone?

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