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The technological shoes that you will want for sure

Did you know that the shoes evolved? That’s true. There are already some kinds of technological shoes, which are shoes that can tie themselves or that have a light under the sole. In both cases we don’t mean about the aesthetic, but to wear the modern age. 

The history of the shoes

The history of the shoes is as old as the human. Right for this reason the shoes evolved with us human and they became an essential object of our daily life. Have you ever heard about “If you want to know a person, look at his shoes?”, well, it is true. There is who wants to stay comfy, who wants them beautiful, who wants to match them with his clothes. 

While the time went on it’s born shoes for all the needs: sport, events, job, trekking, so there is everything. And what about the technological shoes? For who are they aimed and what can they do for who buy them? Let’s see it together. 

The shoes that tie themselves

Like presented last year its Adapt BB. These shoes, like the name says, perfectly suits with all the feet. They are inspired by the movie “Back to the future” of the 1989; infact, they are very similar to the ones that the protagonist wears during the chase scene on the flying skateboard.

Distinguishing marks? The system FitAdapt regulates the pression of the foot automatically with a command right on the smartphone.

technological shoes nike
Nike proposes a model of shoes thought for the athletes that need that their feet breath and that they adapt themselves to the ground and to the physical conditiions.

These are shoes for the basket, sport chosen to test this kind of technology for the foot right because the athletes that practice it have special needs about the sole. Infact, maybe not everyone knows that during a basket match the foot of the athlete changes. It changes the ability of grip while the foot get warm and wet. These shoes helps the blood flow of the foot to adapt to these changes during the sport activity. 

Technological shoes T-mobile and its Sidekicks

Brand of phone not much known, T-mobile created the smart shoe that has the high-tech function. These technological shoes have a design very similar to the Converse one, but they hide inside a special technology. The same shoes are a real smartphone.

technological shoes
The sidekicks of T-mobile with their vintage design but with an advanced technology.

What do they do? Everything! They have smart retractable laces: they aren’t real laces, but charging cables that can connect to all the standard plugs. They connect to internet thanks to their dedicated mobile, but not only. They have a synaptic touch screen with a smart design on the sole with which you can manage all your steps. 

These shoes are revolutionary because they have an integrated vocal assistant, besides a serie of led lights to step in the dark, lights that switch on all the times you receive a phone call. They have an integrated bluetooth that counts your steps and tracks your daily activity and it records all on your smartphone.

Ah, I was forgetting with these shoes you can even listen the music both with earphones and in the air. They infact have some integrated speakers which are able to transmit the sound bettet than any other phone. 

Why should we buy these technological shoes?

If back in the days of “Back to the Future” someone told us that one day not far away from the movie release what we saw into the movie would become reality, maybe we didn’t believe it. 

technological shoes back to the future
An image from the wax museum that portrays the protagonist of the movie “Back to the Future”.

Well, these technological shoes demonstrated that the filmmaker and the screenwriter of the movie had seen forward. Buying these shoes can seems an useless purchase. In reality there are many reason to buy them. 

Firstly because our feet can feel less stressed after a long day of work with these shoes. But there is much more. These shoes infact can help us to keep under control our movements, by helping us to manage our time and our body. 

While the technological progress goes on, it involved ever more every aspect of our life for a world where everyone will earn much more awareness of himself, of the others and of the space where he lives everyday. 

One day, it will be enough a single pair of shoes, an eco friendly choice that helps the environment and the scientific progress. 

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