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Maxwell’s Daemons, a videogame to know the molecular world

Maxwell's Daemons

It talks italian Maxwell’s Daemons, the videogame that invites us to deeper know the physic and the chemistry. An unique experience of its kind. A shooter where as background there aren’t war scenarios, but the molecular world.

The research of three italian guys

To develop the videogame Maxwell’s Daemons were three guys of the University of Sassari, Andrea Gabrieli, Federico Pazzona and Alberto Maria Pintus. Their purpose was the one to being able to divulge the secrets of the chemistry and the physic without force no one to get closed inside a lab.

Maxwell's Daemons
Maxwell’s Daemons, a videogame to explore the molecular world

The molecular world is too amazing to remain confined inside the academic circles. For this reason we decided to take all we learnt during these years and to transform it in something affordable, something that everyone can live”, explain the three researchers.

The campaign of crowfunding

To realize their dream the guys followed the way of Kickstarter, by giving life to a crowfunding campaign. They would like to collect 35 thousand euros so to be able to release on Steam the videogame, until the 2021.

After many years as researchers of chemistry and computational physic, Boltzbrains is a completely new experience for us Maxwell’s Daemons is our first videogame.

Maxwell's Daemons
Maxwell’s Daemons

By the way we are strongly motivated and we are used to face new and stimulating duties, due our previous job experience in a field that requires a strong program and logical- mathematical skills.

We know that do research and realize videogames are very different animals and the success can’t be just assumed. For this reason, we are already speaking with an expert of Unreal Engine and we spent last year to improve our skills of game’s development. 

By the way we are determinated to bring forward this because we see it as the beginning of a new, funny and stimulating way to follow our passion for the science, the informatic and the music”.

And right for this reason the guys are doing everything by themselves, even the sound track!

According to the guys Maxwell’s Daemons might be released for Christmas 2021. Meanwhile, the money that they got from the crowfunding campaign will be used to support the team during the development of the videogame.

How will Maxwell’s Daemons be

The guys want to give to everyone a way to approach the science and, especially, the chemistry and the physic in a different way. And they are doing all they can to make their project possible.

Maxwell's Daemons
Maxwell’s Daemons

Maxwell’s Daemons will be as a videogame shooter, that will throw us inside the magic molecular world. The videogame will allow the videogamers not only to “see” the molecular world, but even to understand its secrets, thanks to a voice over, that will follow the players during their battle and that will encourage them to know ever more about the physic and the chemistry.

Maxwell’s Daemons by James Clerk Maxwell

What strange name Maxwell’s Daemons. But why did the guys choose it? The researchers creators of the videogame took inspiration by the Maxwell’s Demon, Maxwell’s Daemons.

It is a mental experiment made by the physicist and mathematician James Clerk Maxwell. The experiment wants to act on the single particles in the microscopic scale, by breaking down the second law of the thermodynamics.

Maxwell's Demons
The experiment of the Maxwell’s demon

If the experiment of Maxwell was possible it could change the temperature between two bodies without lose any energy. But to do it we should enter inside the molecular world, right as in the videogame created by the three guys.

If we think about a being with a such keen eye to follow every molecula in its movement, this being, which features are essentialy finished as much as ours, might do what it is unpossible for us”.

The Maxwell’s demon entered in the scientifical literature and realize it is a dream for physicists and chemistsm, but for the moment the only demons that we have available are the ones of the videogame.

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