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Twitter wants to delete the inactive accounts, or maybe not?

inactive accounts

The platform of the chipper birds twitters a little less, maybe it was for this reason that Twitter decided to eliminate the inactive accounts, by provoking many users.

Twitter and the inactive accounts

In the mailbox appears an email which allerts all the accounts that don’t access to their own profile for more than six months, by inviting them to act, or they will see their accounts deleted. Specifically they must access until the 11st of december to be considered again active. Otherwise their account would be deleted as well as their profile name, which would then be again free and usable by other new twitters.

“As part of our effort to serve the public communication, we are working to delete the inactive accounts, so to present much more accurate and reliable informations to which the people can rely” decleared the spokesman of the company, by specifying that this process though would happen in a period of few months.

inactive accounts
Twitter tries to make the social more reliable

Twitter so doesn’t like the “long inactivity”, these are the exact words of the spokesman, but if those accounts are inactive and so basically invisible in the flow of the social’s twitters, why do they want to delete them? To make space on the servers or to make a bit of advertising with the hope that some of them returns to be active? Maybe the second one.

Or maybe not Twitter infact says that by avoiding the inactive users even the reliability of the social network will increase. This because the inactive users will be removed even from the counting of the followers of the people. And we are talking about all the swindling attitudes that gave life to fake accounts with the only purpose to increase the followers of a third account. Because likes and follows are still extremely important for the accounts of the social networks, and really often the real activity of following is assited by the one managed by the bot, but this is a whole other story.

Anyway Twitter reassures: we won’t need to write a post to reactivate the account, it will be infact enough to make the access to disable the countdown.

The turn around

Few days later Twitter spoke again, probably because it created the discontent of many users (inactive and not). So it apologized for “the confusion and the worry made“. On their profiles appeared some tweets to explain some points about the questions made by the users. One of the trickiest point is surely the one of the death users. So on its twitter profile it announces “We won’t remove inactive accounts until when we won’t create a new way to make them commemorative“.

Infact, unlike Facebook, on Twitter there isn’t the possibility to act on the accounts of who passed away. Facebook instead managed the situation allowing the relatives to close the account or to create a virtual space to remember the dear one and commemorate him.

inactive accounts
It’s enough to access even without posting a tweet to not be deleted

Twitter anyway says that the eliminations of the users was born especially because of the new regulation about the privacy. The new Gdpr that many websites invited to accept by clogging up our electronic mailbox. It interests especially the users of the UE members. Because to remain on the platform we need to accept the new regulation.

But it doesn’t mean that the project of removing of the inactive users won’t arrive even on the other countries. This because even the other countries upgraded their regulations, but meanwhile Twitter says that this is its wish to “ensure the integrity of the service”.

In some cases the problem is reflected on the fact that some inactive accounts have the user name of brands (signed in or not) and the users can’t do anything about it.

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