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Fake news: suggests to recognise them

How to recognise a fake news

Unfortunatelly even in a hard period like this one, many are the fake news that spread around, which are useful only to create further mess and often some real damages. But is there a way to recognise them? Is it possible to develop an instinct to avoid to believe it? Here you have some suggests to not believe in the fake news.

Fake news if you know them you avoid them

You might heard about burnt dogs, some of them are even died, for serious injuries caused by the usage of not proper soaps on their legs. But how did they think about using the bleach on the feet of the poor animals? It’s right because of a fake news that spreaded on the web for a while and that suggested to clean with the bleach the feet of the animals to avoid to bring the coronavirus at home.

Other fake news spreaded on these days were that the coronavirus is an american experiment to punish Italy and China, or that the virus come out from a lab in Wuhan, passing then from the powers of the C vitamin to not get sick.

notizie false
Always check the sourced website of a news

But maybe this is the less dangerous one, much worse were suggests like drink bleach or Amuchina to not get infected. The Oms launches a message and ask to follow the indications given on their website, but the fake news around aren’t only the ones about the virus, how do we protect so from this fake informations?

Even because the problem isn’t only that some useless news spread around, sometimes they are dangerous, but even the fact that they affect the reliability of the real ones, which arrives from reliable sources.

But why are they created? The main reasons are basically two: convey as much traffic as possible on a website (to earn with the publicity) or the simple pleasure to see what happen with the spreading of this fake news.

How to recognise a fake

But how can a fake look real? Fake news too much unreal won’t find reliability between the people, for this reason we might be careful to that strange, dramatic, but likely, news.

We must avoid so the news that look reliable but that have exaggerated titles, which focus on the emotion and the fear of the people. Shock pictures or that create indignation. Another point to look is the call to action, which is the request of sharing and spreading of the news, the reliable sources don’t do it.

Let’s be careful then about the website from which it come, beware of the websites full of advertising or titles with doubt images, strange urls. Even the ones that appear harmless and unknown, read them carefully: Il Fatto Quotidaino, Il Giomale and Sky240re, apparentelly look like classic website of informations instead they are fake.

Those websites have spartan structures and uncared graphics, furthermore it’s usually always missed the page about us.

notizie false
A screenshot of the website bufale.net

In case you miss the source of a fake news, or if to send it was a friend and you want to be sure that it’s correct, let’s control first that even other online newspapers told something about this news.

You must just go on a search engine and write some key words of the title to control if other reliable websites talk about it. Often this is enough to verify a new, infact the fake news usually don’t appear or any other website.

But often while doing this research you might find out that there was already someone that checked if it was true and that denied the news. Usually to do it are websites like: bufale.net, butac.it, attivissimo.blogspot.com, or pagellapolitica.it to check the declarations of the institutional representatives.

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