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Huawei and the Nova 5T: medium price top performances

Huawei Nova 5T

A new purpose pushed Huawei to produce the Nova 5T: create a democratic smartphone, which is able to open the quality photography’s world to many person thanks to the reduced prices. This is possible only with a clever usage of the artificial intelligence. But let’s see the characteristics of this new product.

Design and performances

With a thin profile, the Nova 5T, shows an attractive look thanks to the sparkling metallic colours. The version Crash Blue is a nice blue with light blue shadows, while Midsummer Purple is a dark purple tending to the blue with clearer pink-purple shadows. But don’t worry, for the lovers of the classic, there is even a black version with the Dark Black.

nova 5T purple
The Nova 5T in version Midsummer Purple with sparkling colours

Let’s arrive to the weakness of the Nova 5T: the screen, even though it’s really shiny, it is only a LCD. So nothing compared with the top of the line that now use the OLED. But if we think about the price of this smartphone so we have to consider that anyway, this 6,26 inches screen, works really well. There is a treat though, and it is the integration of the fingerprint reader right under the screen.

The Nova 5T is focused on Android 9, which works quickly and fluently. Great performances even during the game sessions, especially thanks to the combination of the GPU Trubo 3.0 that reduces the lag to the minimum. About the battery instead this model of Huawei has its system SuperCharge with 22,5 W which is able to charge the battery from 0 to 50% in half hour. The battery then is able to lasts a while day of usage with its capacity of 3750 mAh.

The memory instead is standard: the RAM infact is 6 GB while the storage space is 128 GB but, always considering the price, it has great performances. On the marketplace infact the Nova 5t is sold at about 429,90 euros, a price surely affordable for this kind of performances, especially for the photography level.

It was born to earn a younger target, in reality it easily suits to who doesn’t have too much demands to always have the ultimate model, but he wants a reliable instrument and he is willing to accept some compromise.

Nova 5T and the photography

But let’s arrive to the photographic unit. The set integrated in this smartphone is a main camera of 48 MP at high definition. Followed by a wide angle lens of 16 MP and a macro of 2 MP. But it isn’t all, infact there is even a lens dedicated for the bokeh effect always of 2 MP. There isn’t a zoom, maybe to not overlap the competitor (the Honor 20 Pro), but thanks to the software we can arrive anyway to a 10X.

nova 5t cameras
The characteristics of the photographic unit of the new smartphone Nova 5T

About the frontal camera, the one dedicated to the selfies, we can be quiet: Hauwei promises great results even here thanks to the camera of 32 MP. The selfies’ camera, therefore, was cleverly put in the screen, by avoiding annoying notches and being so really moderate.

But to complete this optical box there is the proven chipset (released in the 2018 but still valid)  Kirin 980. Right thanks to this chip the user can use many functions evolved thanks to the artificial intelligence. The algorythms of Nova 5T, which are able to optimaze challenging shots like moving subjects with the stabilizator AIS, are even able to improve the night images with the function Super Night. It’s great even the AI hdr+ which allows to realize pictures with strong exposition’s contrasts.

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