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Huawei and its first smart speaker

smart speaker

Even Huawei follows Amazon, Google and Apple with its first smart speaker. More the years go on, more the Huawei company is spreading itself in every sector. Now, the giant of the chinese technology, enters in the field of the smart speakers with the new device: Huawei AI Cube.

Huawei and Amazon in one device

Huawei AI Cube is a smart speaker where is integrated Amazon Alexa. The new product was born by the new partnership between Huawei and Amazon. Infact, because of Huawei doesn’t have yet its artificial intelligence’s technology, Amazon Alexa is integrated in the device AI Cube, allowing the people to use it through all the functions given by the Amazon e-commerce’s vocal assistant.

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Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa is a digital assistant, like Siri for Apple, Google Assistant for Android, Cortana for Windows 10. Alexa is nothing more than a type of artificial intelligence (AI) signed by Amazon. The peculiarity of this Amazon artificial intelligence’s system is the intended use.

The Amazon virtual assistant wasn’t born to be installed in electronic devices like Smartphones, tablets, PCs or so on but it was born to enter in our daily life, which means in our domestic technology. The Alexa’s usage allows to have a vocal assistant easily available in many languages.

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Huawei AI Cube

The boom of the speakers with artificial intelligence

It is predicted that the value of the newborn marketplace of the smart speakers will much more increase, Huawei hopes to obtain a large portion of this economic-technologic growth. The chinese company already saw a huge increase of others of its mass electronic products, especially in the smartphone’s field.

The Huawei products are characterised by much more affordable prices compared with the products like Apple, keeping any way a good price performances.

Even if it used Alexa, the AI Cube competes with the other smart speakers available on the marketplace:  Amazon Echo, Google Home and Apple HomePod. The Huawei product is really similar to Amazon Echo, the only characteristic that makes it different from the other one is that it has the ability to use a SIM LTE 4G and become a home router Wi-Fi.

The same thing is even for the competitor Google. The cube AI is even really similar to the product Google Home, but Huawei tried to be different from Google in the same way.

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Router Huawei

A digital assistant-router Wi-Fi

The peculiarity of AI Cube is the coexistence of the two technologic services now essential in one device. The chinese company says that this product is a speaker wireless at 360 degrees and it is revolutionary and equipped with a powerfull audio system.

It has four microphones and it has basically the same size and shape of an Amazon Echo. The Wi-Fi function is an interesting concept. The AI Cube has a theoretical speed of 300 Mbps but its surf’s speed is strongly connected with the 4G support in our area.

This can change between the 10 Mbps to the 70 Mbps, but it depends mainly on how many people use the 4G around you in the same moment. The working router Wi-Fi device become less efficient when more than 3 or 4 devices use it in the same moment.

We suggest to use the AI Cube like a router Wi-Fi only if there is a limited number of people that use it. In this way you can use the Wi-Fi connection and with the same device you can manage the domestic technology. With AI Cube you can vocally switch on or switch off the lights, you can activate or not a plug or even activate or deactivate a home allarm, and so on.

Until now Huawei said only that the Europe will have available the device for the christmas period.

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