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El camino: the sequel of Breaking Bad

El camino

The lucky serie of Breaking Bad has now a sequel, but this time it’s a movie that finished the storia, obviusly it isn’t the one of Walter White but the one of Jesse Pinkman. The movie El camino takes the name from the car drove by Jess for the whole serie and that will follow him during the whole way toward his redemption.

When everything was born: Breaking Bad

Everything started in the 2008 when on the screen we see that particular opening and a mister has been presented, Walter White, a kind of Ned Flanders, quit, calm that saves troubles and that suffers the injustices without say nothing.  Walter is a professor of chemistry in Albuquerque, he has a wife, Skyler, which is waiting for a girl and a son Walter “Flynn” Junior affected of cerebral palsy.

The cast of breaking bad
The cast of Breaking Bad, many characters will appear again in El Camino

He’s forced to do a second job to deal with the family costs and he’s frustated, one day they diagnose to him a breast cancer and this new changes something in him, he comes out from another person shell. Walter White becomes Heisenberg, producer of methamphetamine together with Jesse Pinkman ex student now addicted to drugs.

The first serie was just 7 episodes long, but the success was so huge that it’s been renewed for other four seasons, with 13 episodes each (unless the fifth one which counts 16 of them), all of them well made. The characters aren’t let alone and even the final is coherent with the story evolution.

Breaking bad becomes so one of the most important tv series ever and, because the story is finished it would be an error to go on on the success wave, the showrunner Vince Gilligan and the screenwriter Peter Gould decided so to give life to a spin-off.

Better Call Saul

This serie was born in the 2015, a couple of years after the end of Breaking Bad, it’s focused on another figures which brights, even though he isn’t a main character, Saul Goodman. The story tells about the life of Goodman after the events of Breaking Bad, passing though through his memories of when he was still James “Jimmy” McGill.

Better Call Saul
Gus, Saul and Mike in Better Call Saul

So, while nowadays Saul spends the time as a salesman in a pastry shop with a fake identity, terrified about the idea to be discovered, we look through the way that brings him here. We see when he was James and he was trying to become a criminal lawyer and about how the trusted Mike Ehrmantraut, signalman in a job car parking, ex police man involved into actions not always really legal.

Even this serie, that tells about a secondary character in Breaking Bad, was really lucky. Saul isn’t a banal figure like he can seem at the beginning of the serie, and he goes under a really interesting evolution as well as the one of Walter White. It’s been so realized four seasons of 10 episodes each and the serie is currently on going.

El camino

And here we are at El camino. If so the story of Walter White had a conclusion, the one of Saul Goodman is evolving, it was missed only Jesse Pinkman.

We left the young Jess, in the final of Breaking Bad, with the hope that he could find a way to have a normal life, or at least more normal than that. And here goes this movie sequel, a way to underline what we suspected from the final of the serie.

Breaking Bad
Breaking Bad – El Camino

Jesse is looking for his new life and he will met old friends and enemies, by adding some treat somewhere about what happened to Walter. A nostalgic way into the memories of the main serie, Vince Gilligan put infact a lot of characters of Breaking Bad: from Walter, to Mike, passing by Jane (the ex school friend of Jess).

The movie seems so to give a hope to the only survivor of the serie, so to let him elaborate the experience made with Walt and rise again from the ashes. But actually what happens doesn’t add too much to the story, infact the same Vince Gilligan says that “this movie wasn’t, strictly, necessary”. The told events are much more functional to let coming back the old characters, a tribute to the fnas, but the story at the end moves just a little bit from where Breaking Bad left us.

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