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Instagram releases a guide for the parents


Internet is a place full of informations, a way to speak with friends, to acculturate ourselves, to work, etc. But it is even an insidious and dangerous place, especially for the youngest ones, which are ever more moving away from the reality and the parents, finding a shelter in unrealistic places, which are the socials. Instagram launches itself in a new challenge, the one to reduce this generation gap that splits in two whole families, by proposing a guide for the parents.

The pictures online


One of the biggest fear for the parents, when their teenager sons start to use the social networks is about the fact that their pictures will become public.

In reality is always up to the common sense of the guy, but as a general rule it could at least happen that will be published some weird pictures.

Furthermore all the big social networks have worked so that nothing of obscene or highly immoral arrives in the homepages of anyone.

The section “Parents”instagram

The news proposed by the social is the section “Parents”, where even the parents can approach the social world and understand what their sons do.

To sign up on Instagram we need to be 13 years old and Instagram proves to explain, especially to the parents that think that this isn’t an age enough mature, how in the nowadays’ world being on the socials is an essential element in the life of a teenager.

All the contents proposed on the section “Parents” need to let understand the social world even to those generations that weren’t born with it. This starts from the “Glossary”, a real vocabolary to understand the most used words in this one and in the other socials.

We find out then the “Decalogue”, a text written by an expert educator of socials which helps the parents to approach in the right way the sons, to make possible that they enable them to share their world.

There are, infact, examples of conversations and useful suggests to try to break down the generation wall that often arise between parents and sons. Share the same interests and look at the social world not like an alien and evil world, but with the same eyes with which the teenagers see it.

To understand what they share on Instagram, which pages they follow, which are they interests.

Parental Control


Because of the average age of the ones that start to approach the social world is even more lower, Instagram set up even a Parental Control.

With the Parental Control we can apply automatic filters to the comments, we can establish who can see the posts and how can’t, etc. Furthermore the parents now can know how much time the sons spend on the app.

Finally there are explanations about how manage the privacy and useful models of accounts, to check with the sons to guarantee that they approach in the right way one of the most used social of the moment.


In the section dedicated to the parents, furthermore, there are informations about how to make reports in case we need to do it. “How do we do, my son and I, to report wrong behaviours or improper or offensive material?”, “How do I report the presence of a children with less than 13 years on Instagram?” and still “Reports of intimidating contents and bullying acts”.

Ever more often the bullying moved from the school’s desks to the display and know how to deal with this problem is a good help for the parents.

Not control but share

All of this is been realized not to control the teenagers with the fear that the social are something bad. Doing that the sons will feel attacked and threatened and they will ever more moving away from the parents.

The guide was born with the purpose to help the parents to understand this new world and to approach it, by sharing this experience with the sons. The world develops and changes too fast, but it’s never too late to try to break down the generation wall the divides us.

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