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Old habits replaced by internet

Nowadays we can’t live without an internet connection. Every daily activity, habits, services, everything is within a click. Almost we forget how was before internet. However the smartphones arrived just a decade ago and until there internet was segregated to the computers, which weren’t in the houses of everyone. But what are those old habits replaced by internet?

Call and text

vecchie abitudini

Now all the telephone companies evolved to suite themselves with the new generation constanlty connected to internet.

With Whatsapp, Messanger, Facetime, Telegram, etc, infact, to call and text we use the internet connection. And so here you have showing up offers with ever more giga, but who remembers when to send messages we had to wait for the Christmas Card?

And during the rest of the year to remember to someone that he was in our thoughts we did the ring, this act that was worth more than thousand likes on Facebook.

Looking for a phone number

It was the 1878 when was released the first phone book, with names and home numbers. That for over a century was the only way to find someone. Now, instead, we just need few clicks on Facebook.

Check the encyclopediavecchie abitudini

Everyone until the first years 2000 had an encyclopedia at home. It filled up shelves and shelves of the library, with big tomes that collected basically every notion.

It was the only instrument for a school research and to do it we had to re-write it. With the arriving of internet were born the online encyclopedia, with a serie basically infinite of informations.

If we use it in the right way internet gives us the culture.

Ask for an expert’s help

We are in the age of the know-it-all, like we often hear. Today everyone has a problem just surfs in the web and become a doctor, a mechanic, a chef, an eletrician, a plumber, and there are even less people that still believe in the experts.

This often become a problem, we don’t have to confuse a Google’s research with a master degree or with years and years of experience.

Passing by notes in the classroomvecchie abitudini

The notes went regularly around between the school’s desks. Between the fear to don’t let the prof find it out we passed by exames’ solutions and declarations of love. 

Now is ever more unusual find teenagers that follow this way, a quick message on Whatsapp is really more practical. 

Looking for old friends

Hi how long is that we don’t see each other, and what’s going on with Mark of the 3B? Are you still together?”. Once we finished the school and slowly we lost every news about the old friends. Organize a school reunion required time and effort. Today we can stalk even who between them moved in the other side of the world.

Looking for a job

vecchie abitudini

Before to look for a job we had to flip through the newspaper’s ads or we had to walk for kilometers bringing piles of curriculums, now the web is full of job advertisement’s websites.

Organize a holiday in the agency

Who was able to organize a holiday by himself until few years ago? To do it we had to go in the agency, spent hours to look for a hotel, to find the flight ticket, etc, with them.

Now the travel agency are disappearing. We can find all the needed informations on internet and with a do-it-yourself trip, often, we are able to match our needs with our pockets.

Read the newspaper

vecchie abitudini

Like all the other kind of informations even the news report moved from the newspapers to the web.

Ever more people prefere to read the news online instead that buy a newspaper, which inevitably will disappear.

Record and book storesvecchie abitudini

The same destiny is the one of the paper books, that until few years ago we had to buy in the bookstores, and the music records, which were in the record stores, now everything is within a click, one of the old habits that more affect the society.

Write a lettervecchie abitudini

The old unforgettable letters hand-written, as well as the holiday’s postcards, that we used to send the last day of holiday, by saying we will see soon, but then we’d be back home before of them.

Now they don’t exist anymore (except for the nostalgic). A formal email or some texts replaced the letters. And to know how the holidaies of our relatives are going we just need to open their social profile.

Check a mapvecchie abitudini

Like all the printed paper, even the old road maps are disappearing, replaced by GPS and smartphones, that, especially in this case, are surely more practical and quick.

Watch a TV series… without spoiler

For the TV series‘s lovers, don’t lose hope if you have to wait the next episode on Netflix, once to see a telefilm we had to see it in the TV, once a week, and if for any reason you jumped an episode it was lost forever.

We have to say though that none known what would happen next and you waited impatiently the week to know it. Now, instead, we have to surf in internet with a hand on our eyes if we want to avoid the spoilers.

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