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Elon Musk and the giant LEGOs: the new idea to support the Boring Company

After many promises made from now to the 2030, Elon Musk decided to incite another web’s reaction, claiming that The Boring Company, his company, famous for the 500 dollars flamethrower, it will work to start the production of giant LEGO bricks to clucth, made by the rocks of tunnel’s excavation, to build buildings like schools, offices and monuments. Musk jokingly said to use the founds from the hats’ sale branded Boring Company, flamethrower and other imminent products.

Elon Musk and the giant LEGOs’ crazy idea LEGO giganti

The announcement of the crazy idea has been done through a post on Twitter, which said: “Incoming news by Boring Company. Interlocking bricks with the real bricks size, like the LEGOs and made with tunnel’s rocks, that can be used to build scultures or buildings. They are been studied for the strong earthquakes that affect the California, the bricks will be very strong but at the same time lights, like an airplane’s wing”. The promise is that they will be earthquake-resistant but lights because empty inside, like the airplanes’ wings. In a second tweet, therefore, the businessman said that he already has the ideas clear about its first building with the new interlocking bricks. The first kit will be the one of the ancient Egypt and will have the pyramids, the Sphinx, the Horus’ temple and so on. The bricks will be dockable one with the other to create buildings, but, especially, because they will be empty. Doing that they will be enought strong to be used to build habitable and durable buildings, enought light to be carryed without high costs. The company probably already has enough materials to build those bricks, because they  already finished a tunnel 100 meters long, with an entrance to the SpaceX‘s parking and Hawthorne and they are currently working to expand another tunnel of 2 miles toward the Los Angeles’ international airport.

Giant LEGOs: an unworkable promise?

We don’t know right now if and when this project will start, but the thing that is clear is that finding something constructive from the debris taken from the tunnels’ rugged land is been for long time a priority for The Boring Company. The company claimed for a long time on its website and in many local planning’s meetings that it wants to find the way to recycle the land that it’s removing from its galleries, with a special attention to their transformation “useful bricks to build buildings“. The Boring Company even considered the idea to use this extra sand to align the tunnels that it’s making, instead of make it with the cement, which he think it will be more ecologic. It will be without any doubt interesting seeing how it is this product, that could obviusly be more sustenaible compared to the production of hats and flamethrowers. They could open a shop next to every new project where they are digging and this will create jobs and additional income for the company. Therefore, this trend to build easily infrastructure seems to catch on with the more advanced technologies of 3D prints and of prefabrication. The bricks made by Boring Company could even be used to realize the tunnels’ coating where the high speed magnetic train with the Hyperloop technology moves itself. In this way it will be possible to reduce the project’s costs for the materials.Hyperloop

Hyperloop is just a futuristic technology’s hypothesis for the high speed transport of cargo and passengers train shooted at all speed over the 1200 km/h inside a low pressure tunnel able to connect the european and global capitals in a little more then a hour. The whole system is powered by solar panels that could allow to reduce the carbon footprint. The thing that until few years ago seemed the story of a science-fiction film, seems now reality, thanks to the many projects made in the United States, in Europe, in Asia and in Oceania.

LEGO giganti

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