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Golden Globe 2018: Amazon and Hulu better then Netflix

Golden Globe 2018

For the occasion of the Golden Globe 2018 we saw a real success of the streaming’s platforms, which in the last period increased its users in a literally exponential way.
Anyway even though between the rewarded there are colossus largly known like Netflix even other names shined, coming out in this massive sector.
Between those we can’t not see Hulu matched by the more famous Amazon, that doesn’t need any presentation.
Let’s see in detail which were the rewards.

Hulu and the most waited reward

To take the most waited reward of this Golden Globe 2018 was Hulu that saw assign to it the title of Best Dramatic Series. Especially, the reward, is been, infact, assigned to the series The Handmaid’s Tale in which we see the future of the United State’s society with women that become incubators of childrens for powerfull men.
In the USA and not only, infact, this series saw an awesome succes with a very large and numerous audience. Golden Globe 2018
Obviusly weren’t miss some complaints like in every occasion of this kind. Especially the women in the event showed the less tollerance through the recent scandals in the Hollywood’s world exclusivly wearing black.
In a mix between parties and complaints there is though an occasion to acclaim a woman for the received reward. Elizabeth Moss received the reward for the Best actress in a drammatic series, pointing even more the success to this show.

And Amazon?

Like we said, even Amazon awarded many rewards at this Golden Globe 2018, beating the more famous Netflix (at least about the sector). Especially from the drama, with Hulu, we go to the commedy with Amazon that, thanks to the Prime Video, it promises to be a valid competitor even in this sector, after conquered the online marketplace one.
The reward this time is the one for the Best Musical Commedy awarded with honors by the series The marvelluos Mrs Maisel show, with thousand shadows, able to catch the attention and make fun at the same time.
Like we said the rewards are deserved, if we think that, the protagonist actress Rachel Brosnahan earned the statuette like Best actress in a commedy. A sure important result, that pushes up Amazon between the most interesting reality even in this sector.

Disappointment for Netflix

The biggest disappointment for this Golden Globe 2018 come, though, for Netflix streaming and contents’ platform of numerous series of high value. However this wasn’t enough, because the big expectations about leading series like The Crown and Stranger Things weren’t followed by any reward. 
To bring the statuette in Netflix took care of Aziz Ansari of Master of None, which received the reward as the Best actor in a comedy series. For sure this isn’t enough compared to the big expectations that they had this year, even if the producers aren’t totally scared about this results.
Especially, according to what they said, the reasons for the missed reawards for series like The Crown or Stranger Things are in the fact that they are now initiated series and globally recognised and then, for this reasons, the rewards go to new and innovative contents.

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