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Epson Moverio: the fourth generation

Do you know what are the smartglasses? They are glasses for the augmented reality. Epson Moverio launched its new serie after almost a decade from its last model. Let’s discover together the characteristics.

What are the smartglasses?

We are talking about smart glasses that have inside them a real computer. Once wore them they can give to who is wearing them specific informations about what he sees and about what he asks for. They put on a corner of the viewer eye the answers to the asked questions.

epson moverio
The Epson Moverio were between the first smartglasses in commerce.

For this reason they are often called “wearable computer glasses”. They are able to change the optic characteristics in the development phase. They gave an augmented reality to the viewer, as much as that they allow him, for example, to change the colour of the objects viewed with the lens.

How do they work?

The overlapping of informations on the view field is obtained through an optical display put on the head. Some models instead have wireless devices incorporated in the display itself.

These systems have the ability to reflect the digital images screened and they allow the user to see through them and to see better.

The first models, which were born about 15 years ago, can do basic activities. An example? They bring what they see on the display front-end to a remote system.

The new models evolved and they allow us to straight interface with our smartphone. Some of these infact are managed with the voice with an integrated system and they can collect informations to store on our own phone.

Epson Moverio: the fourth generation

Epson Moverio was one of the first smartglasses in commerce to give an augmented reality outside the screens.

Almost 10 years from the first model launched on the technological marketplace, Epson presents its new type of binocular transparent smartglasses of fourth generation.

The new line, includes the models BT-40 and BT-40S. Both have many improvements, between which a larger view field, called FOV-field of view, and a resolution of the display HD substantially improved.

The new Epson Moverio have a higher contrast, a better connectivity and a more ergonomic design.

Epson Moverio BT-40

Thanks to the connectivity USB type C, the Moverio BT-40 can be connected to many compatible devices and they can be used as second screen or as an extension of the first one. Basically they work as an external monitor or a personal projector.

Espon Moverio BT-40
Epson Moverio BT-40 are the model of fourth generation that helps who wears them to have a view unique of its kind.

This model gives a large display at high resolution visible only for who is wearing it. They are perfect for who works in a public environment, where the privacy and the comfort are important. But not only. The display gives clearer and brighter colours and it can reproduce the contents of the connected devices.

Epson Moverio BT-40, therefore, gives an involving experience for the personal entertainment. Thanks to the new characteristics it adapts itself to the head better than in the past.

Moverio BT-40S

The model BT-40S includes the option of an Intelligent Controller with operating system Android for the integration of customizable softwares.

espon moverio bt-40s
Epson Moverio BT-40S is one of the new models smartglasses of fourth generation.

Moverio Intelligent Controller is compatible with Google Play and it was self made for a serie of commercial applications. It’s equipped with integrated touchscreen, customized user interfaces, expandible memory up to 2 TB and classification IPx2, for a long life.

The controller has the Wi-Fi integrated, Bluetooth, GPS, compass, accelerometer, gyroscope, camera, light, microphone, jack audio and even a chargable battery with high performances that allow up to 5 hours of video reproduction.

These glasses Epson Moverio mostly help the coders of software to develop new application and to upgrade the ones that exist already, in many sectors, between which the visit experiences of public places, the view of subtitles and applications in the dental field.

We are talking about smart systems that will help museums, theaters, fun parks and many other places to donate to the visitors unique experiences. 

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