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Vinted, the app that will change your wardrobe


While the shopping platforms increase and the payment methods get faster, while it’s ever easier to have some whim by doing the shopping online, Vinted was born. 

Buy online means even having the possibility to send back an article that doesn’t meet the expectations. 

Raise the hands who never forget to send back an article that we bought as error in time or that never had the idea to wear it anyway, by hoping maybe, to lose some kilos. 

Vinted against the dark side of the compulsive shopping

The result are stacks of not used clothes, often with the label still on it, that accumulate in the wardrobe.  

If you see yourself in this situation, you probably tried to stand up to the mass of clothes (and shoes!) bought during a header, but how to manage them by trying to recover at least a part of the money spent?

Luckly even in this case the technology helps us with a revolutionary app that will help you to slim the wardrobe and to fatten the pocket. It is Vinted, an application created to put online and to sell our own clothes in an easy and safe way.

Vinted, a blow of vintage on the environmentalist wave

It is right on the environmentalist wave that wear something vintage, or of second hand, is back in fashion

Dress vintage has many advantages for our planet.

Dress vintage has infact many advantages for our planet. Buy a vintage cloth allows infact to reduce the quantity of water needed for the textile fibers crop or to reduce the impact of the manufacture, the coloration and the distribution of the clothes. Without understimate obviusly the pleasure of re-inventing the clothes that made the history of the fashion since the ‘80s, but how does exactly Vinted work? 

The application is free and it can be downloaded with every mobile phone Android or Apple. It easy to use and very intuitive, it can be activated after created a profile and connected to a Paypal account, that watches both the safety of the seller and of the buyer.  

Paypal watches on the safety of the seller and of the buyer online.

The seller on Vinted

When you decide to sell a cloth is enough to click on the central button, a small “plus” that visually remembers the Instagram one, that allows to upload the pictures of your clothes and to create a clear sheet accessible for the buyer. After chosen the chategory, price and delivery method it’s enough to confirme and the sheet will be put online on Vinted. It’s important to clearly communicate the condition of the object sold that can be new or second-hand and, in case, you can indicate some flaws.

The buyer on Vinted

During the creation of the profile Vinted, the app asks us some specifics, like our size, the number of the shoes, the brand that we like… so to propose the clothes according to our liking and needs.

When we enter in the platform,  the pictures are presented in a structure very similar to the one of Pinterest. By clicking on the image we enter in the product sheet with the informations, like the price and a short description of the article sold.

To add a “Product Sheet”, it’s enough to push on the button plus.

Vinted Tricks: follow a seller and haggle about the price

If in war and love all is granted, a special level of hell is dedicated to the followers of the compulsive shopping. The platform Vinted allows infact to write to the seller to save an article (while waiting for the salary!), haggle about the price, save an article between the preferences or to propose a discount about a product.

So, the platform is a real marketplace that is full of live and where there is the possibility even to find a friend.

The small flaws

Even by being free, the application has a commission up to the 15% on the purchase for the one that is called “Protection of the buyer” which is the possibility to send back an article and to recive a refund in case of flaws didn’t mention in the sheet. The customers service though is just a FAQ area and some contact via chat. In case of fights between seller and buyer Vinted thinks that the people can civilly solve them autonomously, which obviusly doesn’t always happen.  

Addiction to the affairs

Even though the Vinted prices aren’t extremely high, we don’t have to understimate the addiction that this app can give. Without realizing, you will find yourself scroll between thousand of articles some are funny and maybe, even in this case, to buy something wrong, but at least this time, with a new reason: support to help the planet

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