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Pay with PayPal inside the shops is now possible

Paypal arrives in the physical shops

PayPal arrives in the physical shops thanks to the usage of a special QR Code that allows the remote payments, without the usage of the money. An innovation that helps the people in this period of social distancing to limit the spreading of the virus, but not only. Are you ready to pay with PayPal even at the bar?

Pay with PayPal in the physical shops

The Covid-19 changed many of our habits: masks inside and outside the job places, the sanitazer for the hands always with us, gloves to do the grocery, but even be careful to not touch our face and eyes with the fingers and to not touch too many things when we are outside home.

For this reason many realities are thinking to alternatives ways to do the thinks that we always did: from the interactive museums, to the re-organization of the public transport, until the research of technological solutions to avoid to touch buttons like the ones of the elevators and of the vending machine.

Even the way to buy and pay is changing: by increasing the online orders, the shopping is delivered straight at home and we prefer the cashless payments (which means all the ones that doesn’t need the usage of the paper money).

pay with paypal and satispay
A way currently used for the cashless payments is Satispay

Especially Italy always remained on the back medium quantity of payments with credit or debit cards compared with other countries like Denmark, Sweden, Finland. Now we arrived to a breaking point when maybe it’s a necessity to use them. Infact the physical money can be a carrier for the virus that can get the trasmission easier.

Here you have how the replacement payment instruments become such important, especially when we talk about contatcless. An alternative way to use the money, that though isn’t available inside all the shops, is the one to transfer the money thanks to the pocket offered by Satispay.


The Satispay system requires the deposit of an amount on the virtual pocket and then it gives the possibility to freely give the money to friends and even inside the shops next the smartphone of the user.

The deposit is easy and prompt, it can be done even if we aren’t physically inside the shop, it’s enough to be very close and it hasn’t limit of amount unless the one of your virtual pocket (the system doesn’t give credit, so we must be careful to have enough money inside the account).

The Qr code of Paypal

Maybe many were waiting for it for a while for the arrival of Paypal in the physical world. It’s the queen of the online payments, thanks to the safety systems that allows to do deposit and to easily ask for international refunds in case of controversy.

pay with paypal
The new way to pay with PayPal thanks to the scann of an unique Qr code

But the holding decides to use right this moment to launch its Qr code for the touch free payments. The system works by producing a Qr code for every shop that the customers have to scan with his own smartphone to complete the transaction.

Pay with PayPal makes it so perfect for all the small retailers, but even for the street vendors (maybe the most reluctant to integrate alternative means of payments), restourants and bar with delivery service that in this way don’t have to buy nothing else unless the cash drawer.

This method seems to be great even because the Qr code can be printed and posted outside, but even easily attached to a box to deliver.

PayPal promotes the new payment platform for free for the moment. So until the 13th of september won’t be applied any charge to the transitions.

Afterwards will be applied a reduced charge of the 0,50% + 0,20 € per transition.

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